I need a monitor and keyboard for a Sun SunFire v240

I have a v240 in production and recently I needed to access the console so I conntected the DB9 cable to a Windows 2000 Server box and used Hyperterminal.  That went fine until I reboot the Windows box after Windows Update a few weeks later and the whole Sun box crashed.  After a few frantic hours I found out it went into stop A mode in which the box just halts.  To resume it you just have to type in go at the console and like magic, everything works.

After that debacle, I decided we needed a 1U monitor/keyboard solution that is dedication to this server and is independent of any operation system.  We did some research but haven't found anything conclusive yet.  Does anyone have a manufactorer or part number that will fit this need?

PS - The server doesn't have a PS/2 keyboard, mouse, or a DB15 monitor connection.  It only has USB, SCSI, and DB9.


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Would using the network connector of the ALOM card be an acceptable solution for you?
If not, I'd recommend stucking with the db9-connection solution. You just have to enable the alternate keyboard break sequence for getting rid of the problem, that the v240 goes into OBP when shutting down the windows box.
Have a look at /etc/default/kbd

If you really want to spend some bucks on a kind of serial console to 1-U-Consoleswitch, have a look at www.blackbox.com.
These guys have several consoleswitch/console-over-IP solutiuons. I remember having asked for an offer for exactly what you want, unfortunately I forgot the exact part/ordering number. I only remember, that it was a combination of a 1-U terminal w. integrated console switch and a serial-to-vga/mouse/kbd adaptor....

really HTH,


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Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Any type of terminal server (serial console multiplexer) will do, not just those from "Blackbox".
Digi, Axis ... (you may want to do an Internet search for "serial terminal server" to start with)

But as XoF already, mentioned, the Sun V240 does have a LOM port (serial control connection for "Lights Out Management"), including console access. You will not have that kind of problems with it.
> Any type of terminal server (serial console multiplexer) will do

correct, as far as you want to access serial console over the network. The mentioned blackbox thingy gives you control over several serial consoles from one VGA/KBD/Mouse _terminal_:
mouse -------|--> Blackbox-> |------- console1
Screen-------/                         |------- console2
                                              |------- console x


Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
As server are usually in a tech room (datacenter) I'd rather not go there and
work in it but from my workstation (no matter if UNIX or Windoze).

My WS (keyboard, mouse, screen)
    ( network)
    /   |   |   \
    |   |   |   |  . . .  serial
    v   v   v   v       consoles
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