New Computer Keeps Freezing


I recently purchased parts online in order to build my own pc.  I've made a few PCs this way before and have never had any problems like this.  When I first received the parts and assembled the computer it would freeze during the OS install (2000 or XP).  I ruled out a faulty harddrive (used another one) and memory (had 2 simm's so swapped around but still same problem).  I returned the motherboard and processor and the company sent me replacement parts.  This time I thought I had it, I was successfully able to install XP without any problems.  However the computer now freezes randomly (reading a DVD, transfering files and even when it is sat their idle) when in the OS.  Mouse cursor doesn't move, keyboard doesn't respond, ALT+CTRL+DEL does nothing, to restart I have to push the on/off button.

I have gone through the same steps as before.  First I checked the SIMMs, I first took 1 SIMM out and ran a test run but it still froze.  I then replaced this SIMM with the other one but still same problem.  I even tried installing 2000 instead of XP but same problem.  Tried 2 different harddrives (IDE + SATA) but same problem.  Tried different CD-ROMs but same problem.  I dont have any other PCI cards installed, I've ran a BIOS update which went fine but still have the same intermittent problem.  Here is the spec for the PC:

ASUS P5P800 MX 775, 865GV Motherboard
Intel 3.2Ghz processor with hyper-threading
512 x 2 RAM

I am suspecting a problem with the motherboard or CPU but I'm not too sure as these are both replacements (although I did get further with these parts than the first bunch they sent me).  I am totally out of ideas and not sure what to try next.

I'd be grateful for any tips or advice anyone can give me.

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What size power supply do you have in there.
I would also download a burn in program and see if it finds anything.

See the latest nfo at They have a bunch of articles on free test utilities.

I hope this helps !
what memory test did you run? try memtest86+ from :      
and let it run for a couple of passes.
you can also check if your Ram is compatible with your mobo at www.
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tejs1dhuAuthor Commented:
@sparkmaker - I've got a 550W power supply.

@SysExpert - Thanks I've downloaded a util called Hot CPU Tester Pro and am running the tests now.

@nobus - I used MemTest but this never found any problems.
I would recommend downloading the ultimate boot cd and run the windows memory diagnostic software. I've had boards that were having this problem and memtest didn't pick up on it, but the windows memdiag did. it also has some burnin software in there.

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Have you ruled out a bad CD\DVD Rom or the OS cd itself?
did you swap the power supply ? you can have a bad one.
i suppose you connected the auxiliary 4-pin power connector?
otherwise, you can diagnose by disconnecting devices.
you can rule out the OS by booting from a bootable cd , like ubcd 4 win      
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