SAV 9 to SAV 10: "invalid group"

Hi  all,

1. I upgraded SAV 9 to SAV 10 corp edi.
2. I did SAV push Install with SSC. The result: i) The client is updated to version 10, ii) But, there is a message: Invalid group, iii) When i check, the server group is different with what i set.
3. How to correct this server group ? (Please give the Steps).
4. Thank you very much.

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I can't give you a the steps as I have never seen that error message. But you open up to Symantec System Center --> Symantec Anti-virus Corporate Edition 10.0
and it will open up a knowledge base. There you can find steps in configuring ver. 10

Opps I misses something

SYmantec System Center --> Service and Support --> Symantec Anti-virus Corporate Edition 10.0

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You may need a clean reinstall.

Use this tool to cleanup your system of Norton/Symantec:

NONAV is an unsupported Symantec tool for removing files and registry keys from Norton Antivirus / Symantec Antivirus. This is helpful for example when an upgrade from an older version fails and you need to prepare the machine for a clean re-installation.

The tool can be sent out to customers as long as they have been informed that nonav is an unsupported tool without warranty and provided "as-is".

NONAV removes the following products from filesystem/registry:

NAV            Norton Antivirus 4.x / 5.x
NAVCE            Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 7.0x 7.5x 7.6x
SAVCE            Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.0x 8.1x 9.x
SSC            Symantec System Center (from CE 7.x / 8.x / 9.x)
AMS            Alert Management System (from CE 7.x / 8.x / 9.x)
SCF            Symantec Client Firewall 5.x 7.x

NONAV can also be set to remove the following components:

Symevent drivers
LiveUpdate (1.5-2.0)
shared Virus Definitions
Central Quarantine Server / Quarantine Console

NONAV should leave other Symantec products alone on the machine but only very limited testing has been done on this.

PcAnywhere 10.5 / 11, Ghost 8.0/2003 and the Central Quarantine Server has been tested and appear to work fine after running nonav.

NONAV is designed to work on the following OS:

Windows 2003 Server
Windows XP
Windows 2000 Professional / Server
Windows NT4 Workstation / Server
Windows ME
Windows 98
Windows 95

Restart when finished and reinstall.

tjieAuthor Commented:

Thank you.

You are welcome, but was it Nonav that worked, or kupzpenny's?


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