Install win xp pro - instant viras

I am installing win xp pro service pack 1a (2002) all goes fine

My anti viras and fire wall is CA etrust which i have to down load to the pc it is being used on

After loading windows i connect to the internet to down load my viras protection i seem to get a viras that shuts the pc down after 30 seconds

I am going to re laod windows but how do i stop getting a viras befor i install my viras protection software?


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I would recommend you to install Service Pack 2 before connecting to the Internet. I think this problem stems from a security fault in XP SP1. You can download SP2 on another machine and just put it on CD.
After you succesfully install SP2 I would recommend you to run Windows Update and download all of the updates before anything else.

Maybe this will help you.

Best of luck
Greetings, ianbara !

You can get the Sasser virus within 30 seconds of getting on internet. Install a firewall right away.  Windows XP SP2 comes with Windows Firefall active.  Or pre-download eTrust firewall and install it before you go on the internet.  

Best wishes!
Cyclops3590Sr Software EngineerCommented:
Does it give a warning saying the machine is going down.  I know the MSBlaster worm did this.  It was because it was a poorly written worm that would crash the RPC service which by default is set to restart the machine if it crashes.  You have to be quick, but you could start looking thru services that are shutting the machine down (but this under the assumption that you are getting a warning that the machine is going down) If you set the recovery action to do nothing or just restart the service it won't reboot anymore.  Also what should buy you some time if this is it.  Start -> Run -> type "shutdown -a" and press enter.  That is suppose to abort any shutdown in process.

Also, war1, please correct me if I'm wrong.  The Sasser worm only infects SQL Servers though right? (port 1433/tcp)
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There are a couple options.

Easy solution: Get a linksys router and plug it in between you and the internet. It will act as a firewall and let you update your system without getting a virus. Super easy.

Next easy solution: There is a firewall builtin to windows pre SP2, unlike SP2 it is not turned on by default. To turn it on, go to your network connections, right click the connection you're using to get the internet and choose properties, select the Advanced tab, check the box that says "protect my computer and network by ....etc". Connect to the internet and download your virus defs and windows updates.

Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Just a thought but if you use this :

Does that help.

There are also other free patches you can apply from here :

such as unplug and pray

I got to that site via shields up and clicking on free tools at the bottom of that site.

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