Bind combo and set displayed value

I am filling a combobox by binding to a dataset, this works fine.  I am then using a "currentrow" variable which is passed from a previous page to create a new dataset and set the row within it.  I want to set the current value in the combobox (which has already been populated) to a field in the second dataset.
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Bob LearnedCommented:

2) How are you passing the value?

3) How are you binding the ComboBox?

Dan-MartinAuthor Commented:
1) just a regular windows form
2) i'm passing the current row in a global variable
3) comboMan.DataSource = dv2 (dataview)
     comboMan.DisplayMember = "Man"
Bob LearnedCommented:
Guess #1 (example):

   comboMan.SelectedIndex = comboMan.FindString("Value")


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Dan-MartinAuthor Commented:
how do i get the value into the "value" variable out of the dataset?
Bob LearnedCommented:
>>i'm passing the current row in a global variable
comboMan.SelectedIndex = comboMan.FindString(row("Column1").ToString())

Dan-MartinAuthor Commented:
Don't i have to refer to the dataset in there somewhere?  the variable CurrRow that is being passed is only giving me the current row in the dataset.
Dan-MartinAuthor Commented:
Here is how I ended up doing it.  Part of this came from your posts so I'm giving you the points

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