Moving ListBox options from one ListBox to another

I currently have 2 listbox controls. The listbox on the right has numerous list options in it (displayed as usernames) and the left listbox is empty. I have some buttons with javascript functions associated with them which moves items from the listbox on the right, to the listbox on the left, using the following:

function addRecipient()
  var recipientList = document.getElementById("lstRecipients");
  var memberList = document.getElementById("lstMembers");
  var addIndex = memberList.selectedIndex;
  if(addIndex < 0)
  selectNone(recipientList, memberList);

I have a removeRecipient function which reverses this process, putting selected items from the left listbox back into the list on the right.
However, in some scenarios I might end up inserting a username in the left hand listbox, without using these buttons, and it might appear in both list boxes. This I dont mind, but what I need to know is, when I use the remove button which calls the removeRecipient function to put the user back on the right hand listbox, I want to first check if this username (and underlying value) already exists in the right hand listbox, and if it does, simply remove it from the left listbox, so I dont end up with duplicates in the Right listbox.
Is there a way I can check for the existance of the left hand side selected listbox item within the right hand side listbox, so I can take the appropriate action from there?

Thanks in advance...
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Define a function like this.

function isMemberInList(member, list) {
  for (i = 0; i < list.options.length; i++) {
    if (member == list.options[i].value) {
      return true;
  return false;

Then call it in your removeRecipient function, assuming you have the index of the recipient you are removing:

if ( !(isMemberInList(recipientList.options[removeIndex].value, memberList)) ) {
  // add it back to the first list as you did before

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Note that you may use options[i].text if your options don't have any value attributes.
StarnzyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick response!
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