Write an Array into a Picturebox control

I need to write an array of integers into a picturebox control on my VB form.  I have a DLL that grabs an image from a framegrabber, if anyone is familiar with it it is the Coreco X64 CL.

So far what I am doing is in VB I create an Integer Array, you may ask why an Int array and not Byte? I asked the same question to my supervisor and he said because in VB and Integer is 2 Bytes and in c we are using a WORD for the elements of the image array and a WORD is 2Bytes in C, is this making sense?

iImageArray(0 to (cameraWidth * cameraHeight)) As integer '1024 *1024

I then call my DLL function WP13GetImage sending a pointer to my array

WP13GetImage(iImageArray(0), height, width)

In my DLL id do something like this

int _stdcall WP13SaperaGetImage(WORD * pImageOut, UINT32 WidthOut,  UINT32 HeightOut)
             WORD * pLocalImageBuffer;

             //I get the address of the framegrabber buffer using a Handle to the framegrabber and copy it to my local Buffer pointer address
             CorBufferGetPrm(hFrameGrabberBuffer, CORBUFFER_PRM_ADDRESS, &pLocalImageBuffer);

             //Now I copy the memory space to the Pointer for my ImageArray from VB
             memcpy(pImageOut, pLocalImageBuffer, WidthOut*HeightOut*sizeof(WORD));

So far I think this is working OK, please let me know if you see anything suspect so I can try to fix it.

Now back to my VB form, So I shoud have an integer Array that is full of data now I can't seem to understand how to get this data into a picturebox so I can display it.

Just a note, I don't want to write it to a file as this would slow things down more than I can afford.

Can anyone hlep please, I have been bashing away at this for to long now and it is starting to really bug me.


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UINT32 WidthOut,  UINT32 HeightOut

WidthOut and HeightOut should be Long Values on VB
you can try this:

set a dummy image in the picturebox that is the same size as the picture that you will use,
then save the mem address in a var:

dim i as long
i= ObjPtr(Picture1.Picture)

and then use copymemory to copy your array to that memory address

ps: i haven't tried this, just a suggestion what you could try ;)

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you can probably use GDI+

you might need to do some research on how exactly to do it in your case

i think a split is fair, because we all three provided some info and not a complete example
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