CD Rom drive stops playing tunes after two or three songs?

My cd rom drive stops playing tracks after it's played two or three of them. This happens on all the cd's, not just one.  The cd's are also quite warm when I take them out.  Whats the buzz here?  Does the drive need cleaning?  Is this an indication the drive is starting to fail?  Windows device manager says the device is working ok.
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I believe that your drive might be failing however it could be your drive needs alot of cleaning in it.  how old is the drive? you may need to open the drive up and clean out the dust. it sounds like the lens mover rod is to dusty for it to slide on.


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Heat in any component is a killer, it may be on its last set of legs there. When the heat builds after running for awhile, thats when the problems are going to arise.
test your drive on another PC to be sure, or test with another drive in yours
WestezAuthor Commented:
I replaced the drive after cleaning it which didn't solve the problem.  I also used "nobus's" suggestion and swapped it out with drive from another pc which confirmed the drive itself was the problem.  Thanks for the feedback.
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