share files and folders between linux and solaris

Dear all

I have completed a network of 3 servers: 2 solaris boxes for web/mail, database ( and, and 1 linux box for ftp server(
my goal is letting clients outside to be able to connect the ftp server in order to upload/download files. I have done that.

my next goal is letting the ftp server share files with the web server. The webserver hosts 1   forum-like website that servers movies and musics.
Is there any way for me to "link" the files on the ftp server with the code in the webserver?

I've tried to install apache into the ftp server and have my codes point to the link but it doesn't work?
Can you give me some ideas?

Thanks alot!!!!
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The easy way to do this is to NFS mount the relevant directories on the web servers.
valleytechAuthor Commented:
can you please be more specific. I am working on NFS  right now. When i do "sys-unconfig" on solaris, i did not chose NFS, is it ok?
I'm a little confused as to where the files are kept an how you want them to be accessible (ftp or http?). If you can elaborate I'm sure I can suggest a solution.
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valleytechAuthor Commented: is the command i was trying to do ( from the solaris box)

mount -F nfs /hdd

here is the error:
nfs mount: : RPC: Program not registered
nfs mount: retrying: /hdd

I don't know why the RPC is not registered! the linux is Whitebox version

thanks alot
valleytechAuthor Commented:
sorry for confusing:
the linux-ftp server is suggested to keep all the files
the solaris box is suggested to keep the code that read those files

thanks alot
> nfs mount: : RPC: Program not registered

you have to have portmapper running on the linux box.
Try "/etc/init.d/portmap start".


valleytechAuthor Commented:
still..from the solaris box. i tried to mount nfs and i still got the error.
From the linux box, tried: mount /home

and i got seems to me that the proccess hang!!!
thanks alot
What does /etc/exports contain on the Linux box? It should be something similar to:

/home    192.168.1(rw,sync)

Both portmap and nfs must be enabled and running:

chkconfig portmap on
chkconfig nfs on
/etc/init.d/portmap start
/etc/init.d/nfs start

Then you should be able to execute 'exportfs -v' and see the exported NFS share.

Oh yeah, if there's a firewall running on the Linux box it must allow all connections from the the solaris boxes. If in doubt as to the firewwall execute '/etc/init.d/iptables stop' before you try to mount an NFS volume from a solaris box.

you said you install HTTPd on your ftp server but it would not let you download the files. What is your Linux machine?
valleytechAuthor Commented:
my linux machine is installed with apache, proftpd, connected to a router with
my "main" solaris weserver should be "getting" those files on linux. I'm sorry if i brought forth too many confuses.

Here is the plan...i came up with prior to knowing NFS
the linux will host media "large" files like movies, video . . .
the solaris will hsot the website. Within the the website's codes, which is PHP, i had it like this: so that the code can "read" the file  name linux.

However, the linux machice seems to refuse the connection, eventhough, i have turned off iptables

thanks alot
i am working on nfs now
valleytechAuthor Commented:
hi..there is a "progess"
from the solaris box: mount -F nfs /hdd

i did not get "RPC not register anymore" but "permission denied"
valleytechAuthor Commented:
by the way, the /etc/exports only has a "#" ---> do i have to add an entry for the folder i want to mound?

thanks very much
On the Linux box you have to have an entry to export the NFS volume (see above). And after adding that entry restart nfs and then you should be able to mount the volume on the Solaris machine.

In your Apache config on Solaris you'll need to add a <Directory> stanza for the mount point (/hdd) and and you may want to create an Alias for that directory.
valleytechAuthor Commented:

i still got that same result...sill permission denied

here is what I got from exportfs -v

[root@web root]# exportfs -v
/home           192.168.1(rw,wdelay,root_squash)

thanks alot!!
I will be very grateful for your helps to guide me through this!

My error. The line for exports should have read:

/home ,wdelay,root_squash)

That should work better.

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valleytechAuthor Commented:

this is awesome!!!!...

thanks alot!!!...u help me make a breakthrough
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