call function inside <PARAM> tag in

Hi there
I have the following:

<OBJECT id="coq" codeBase=",0,0,0"
                        height="400" width="550" align="middle" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000"
                        <PARAM NAME="_cx" VALUE="14552">
                        <PARAM NAME="_cy" VALUE="10583">
                        <PARAM NAME="Movie" VALUE="coq.swf">
                        <PARAM NAME="Src" VALUE="coq.swf?<% getData() %>">       <<<<<this is the problem


The getData() function returns a string eg:


I am then passing this to a flash movie clip, this works fine when I hard code the SRC string llike so


Anyway what I need to know is; can I call a function to return a string inside this PARAM tag (which seems to be a HTML control).
The getData function will probably get the data from a database and reference session variables, so I really need to be able to call it; saying that, the amount of data will be small so I don't mind placing it in the link.

I'm not using inline coding for the page but it seems that I may have to call the function in an inline manner.

Anyway any help would be greatly recieved, looking forward to hearing from you.

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Like this ...

<%# getData() %>

If getData() is returning ? then you should take out the ? after coq.swf

<PARAM NAME="Src" VALUE="coq.swf<%# getData() %>">
paulleahyAuthor Commented:
Hi Thanks for the info; unfortunately this will not work with the code behind model, but I have found a work around..
I have taken almost all the html out of the .aspx page and replaced it using:

 Response.write("html markup etc" & getData() & " the rest of the html markup").

in the code behind aspx.vp page.

I found this worked fine although I'm not sure of the overhead involved.
I tried it with the code you mentioned; no go I'm afraid, but, from what I've read the problem lies with the way both inline and code behind are compiled.
I think it can be inserted with literals also but to be honest for a NOOB like me anything that works will do.
I'll let this open for a while its probably a problem with a simpler answer (using the Response.write method I had to replace all the inverted commas with single quotes
and include new line chars which is a bit of a pain).

Once again thanks for the response.
I mixed up the data binding syntax. It should be

<PARAM NAME="Src" VALUE="coq.swf<%= getData() %>">

Also make sure getData is a public function in the code behind class of the same page.

Public Function getData()
        Return "Hello There"
End Function

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paulleahyAuthor Commented:
Hi there
Thanks a lot for the answer, it worked a treat, it saves me having to use the Response.Write method which to be honest was a little extreme.
I changed my method to public included the "=" in the tag and Bob's your uncle.
This means a lot to me and with that in mind I think I'll bump up the points to 500.
Please accept them with my gratitude.
Glad to be of help and thanks for the extra points.
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