Change cell flash file on url click

Hi guys

Probably a simple one.

i have a table with two columns.
First column has 5 rows.
Second column has 1 (all merged to one cell).

What I'd like to do is, when a url in column 1 is clicked, change the column two value.

In this case, it would mean showing a different Flash8 movie.

I know that i could open in a new window, but I'd like to do this way, if it's possible...?

Can anyone help, please....?


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I would suggest that you put an iframe inside the cell that will contain the flash 8 movie.  When you create the iframe, set the source to the first movie file that you want to play in there ... the default movie if there is one. Give the iframe a name when prompted, so you can use that name for targeting. You will have to set the width and height to the width and height of the flash movie. I'll assume that all your flash movies have the same width and height.

Then you can create your links in the left column to link to the other flash movies, with the target being the name of the iframe.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

dannywarehamAuthor Commented:
It sounds about right.

I would assume that I'd need just one flash movie and use the links to jump to a frame.

However, if my movies were frames  1-50, 51-100, 101-150 etc... I don't know how to play only the frames that I need (ie. 51-100).
It just plays the whole movie.

I'm quite new to flash and dreamweaver.. :-(
So you aren't loading different movies? You're loading different frames from within the same movie??? Is there some reason why you just aren't doing all of this inside of your Flash movie? You can use Actionscript to navigate to specific keyframes within the movie and play from there.

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dannywarehamAuthor Commented:
Sorry Marge - misunderstanding.

My original plan (and prefered one) is to have seperate movies, and show a different one on mouseclick.over of the link.
However, from reading some threads, it seems that the prefered method is jumping to a scene.

>Is there some reason why you just aren't doing all of this inside of your Flash movie?
Yep - I'm not sure how to!

If you are not doing the whole thing in Flash, then it would probably be best to do them as separate movies. Go with the original, and preferred plan. Otherwise, you are forcing the user to load the entire big movie, when possibly they will only want to see one segment ... one click/mouseover.

I'm sticking with my original suggestion of using the iframe for the movies.


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dannywarehamAuthor Commented:
After thinking about it, I'm going to put everything into one movie.
The file will not be particularly large and I can learn how to jump to a frame with Action Script.

Cheers for your help
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