remove one file each 24 hour time period

I have a file created by "Spam Assassin" called "almost-certainaly-spam" I would like to remove it from my user directory each 24 hour peroid
Can someone help me with a script on my Linux Red Hat ES3 server to do this?
Thank you in advance.
Keith Henriques
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As the user who holds the file do:
crontab -e

put a line like:
0 0 * * * rm ~/almost-certainly-spam

This will remove the file every day on 00:00.



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keitharisAuthor Commented:
Thank you:
where will I find the crontab file I created When I want to remove the program?
Keith Henriques
keitharisAuthor Commented:
When I use the crontab -e command and create a file as you indicate I get a:
bad :0: day of month notice and cannot actualy create a "crontab"
Thank yo for your help.
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If you later want to remove the auto-delete command, simply execute 'crontab -e', delete the line, and save the result.

FYI: The crontab files are in /var/spool/cron
keitharisAuthor Commented:
Hello again:
I used 59 12 and was able to install the new crontab
Will I have a problem removing it if I ever want to?
Keith Henriques
No, you won't have a problem removing the crontab entry, see above.
keitharisAuthor Commented:
Sorry jlevie I got a mixed up as I wanted to award teh points to XoF as this was teh basic answer i just had to figure
out how the time #1 entry worked in crontab.
Thank you for your kind considerations
Keith Henriques
That's quite alright. I just wanted to be fair about it and give you a chance to award the answer to XoF.
Hey guys,

I'm quite impressed, although 500 points are quite a lot for that easy one.... Thanx!
But nevertheless I'm still wondering, why the "0 0 * * *" line produced errors - at my site this syntax works properly....
I could reproduce the "bad month" error with that line:
"0 0 0 * *"
Perhaps a typo in the first try?


keitharisAuthor Commented:
The way we ended up works like a charm. No sense in fixing things that arn't broken, I figure.
Thank you for providing a solution that works!
Keith Henriques
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