Hard Drive Crashed - Any chance of Recovery

My Hard Drive just crashed this morning (I'm pretty sure due to heat) wich I have already ordered the Vantec Vortex for the next HD. It is a WD Raptor which does run a bit hotter anyways at 10k RPM. It is still under warenty so WD is already shipping me a new one. I know it's a long shot, but the hard drive doesnt power up at all and the computer doesn't see it. (I knew I smelled something burning lol). Is there any possible way even for say Geek Squad to recover what is on the hard drive. I'm sure all the data is there I just can't power it up.
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YES there is some chance check out these sites.
http://www.dposoft.net/       a hard drive regenerator
http://highergroundsoftware.com/?hop=mul0191                   Spinrite                    http://grc.com/spinrite.htm
also try GetDataBack from        www.runtime.org
or check out this site  http://www.gillware.com/

The last link on compfixer101 post is your best bet since the hard drive is not powering up. the others require a working hard drive.
Take the gillware advice they post on their webpage,

5 Steps To Recovering Your Data

    * 1. Stop using the drive immediately.
    * 2. Do not open the drive casing.
    * 3. Do not reformat or defragment the drive.
    * 4. Keep the drive in a dry room at moderate temperature.
    * 5. Contact Gillware Inc.!
  You may not want to use # 5 if you're not calling them, but the price seems very good for data recovery compared to ontrack or other data recovery companies.

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crosslanesAuthor Commented:
I don't really want to spend money on it because its only a couple of things I'd be missing from my last backup. Are there any tools that I can use myself instead of sending it off?
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The only other recommendation is to find an EXACT replacement hard drive and swap the controller circuit board. This would depend on if the controller is responsible for the failure. When you say the bios doesn't detect it , its usually a hardware problem on the drive controller or the motor has fried. If the price of another hard drive is worth the Data you need to recover it, and you have a steady hand at an operation of this sort, you might consider it. But I would think if the data is  important, a recovery company is the way to go. You have to wiegh the pros and cons as to the need for that data. either way its gonna cost you at the least the price of a new hard drive to tear apart.
Have you tried this hard drive as a slave on another computer, I doubt it would work, but a slim chance is better than none.
first chk ur filesystem...if it is NTFS use GetDataBackforNTFS

if its FAT use GetDataBackforFAT

connect ur faulty HD to another s/m and install the above s/w in that s/m....
n start retrieving data...

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