Can anyone sort thru all these a/c adapters?

I invested in a video game/computer shop. It went bust and I got, in return for my losses, alot of inventory. Among them are 9 misc a/c adapters. I have a pair of computer speakers and two computer monitors (with side mount speakers) that require a/c adapters. So, maybe 3 of these will work on those. What the other 6 can be used for is only a guess.
I'll start with what look to be the least powerful.
Maybe you can tell me the type electronic device that would go with these.
1. Input: 0.5A Output: +5.0V 2.5A
2. Input: 0.5A max power 5.2W Output: 5.2V 1.0A
3. Input 1A Output 30V 0.4A
4. Input 1.5A Output:30V .83A
5. Input 5.5W Output: 6V 400MA
6. Input 6W Output: 6V 300MA
7. Input 9W Output 9V 500 MA 4.5 VA
8. Input: 15W Output: 8.4V 1000MA
9. sealed in a box, Epson B867038 with a label that says PhotoPC 550 and PhotoPC 600 color digital camera.

#1, #2, #4 look like my laptop power supply, a power cord connected to a box like piece and then another cord to the device
#3 is a weird one. The cord from the wall goes to a almost square piece (except for one flat corner) that has a suction cup on the bottom and two small metal pieces, but no cord to plug into anything.
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need some model numbers and brand names
nickg5Author Commented:
oh lord....most have no brand name but let me look. There are some model numbers. I'll get back soon.
nickg5Author Commented:
brands and model numbers
1. Input: 0.5A Output: +5.0V 2.5A (model MA1-10050, no brand name, may be Jet or or PSE or LPS)
2. Input: 0.5A max power 5.2W Output: 5.2V 1.0A (Tiger Power ADP-0502-5V)
3. Input 1A Output 30V 0.4A (Delta a/c adapter ADP-12UB)
4. Input 1.5A Output:30V .83A (Delta ADP-25HB)
5. Input 5.5W Output: 6V 400MA (Thomson class 2 model 5-4073A)
6. Input 6W Output: 6V 300MA (Arachnid class 2 model 35-6-300 D)
7. Input 9W Output 9V 500 MA 4.5 VA (CIDCO class 2 model NO.A30950)
8. Input: 15W Output: 8.4V 1000MA (Sino American model A40910M)
9. sealed in a box, Epson B867038 with a label that says PhotoPC 550 and PhotoPC 600 color digital camera.

and one I forgot:
10. Input 0.1A Output 9V 400ma (I.T.E power supply model AA35-09004)
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ok I am looking around to see if i can find out what it is used for


2.  a dell laptop power unit thing

3. a dell or lexmark printer power adapter

4. a lexmark printer power adapter

5. ?? not sure at this point

6. 100% sure it is for a dartboard since i have that same adapter a for my dartboard

7. some control thing

8. not sure yet still looking but this computer is starting to lock up so i  am posting this before i lose it


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nickg5Author Commented:
ok....have you seen anything about #10?

can any of these be used for computer speakers (or other devices) without damage?

power supply for a dart board?

the guy who was majority owner would have owned all of these for his personal computer or other electronic items or for computer items in the shop. So far, the list leaves me with a bunch of junk which is not your fault. I was just hoping too much I guess.

8.  sino american  web site

9.   let me know if you need to know

10. some transformer

nickg5Author Commented:
can any of these be used for computer speakers (or other devices) without damage?

Which ones could be used for what type devices?

what type of speakers?
nickg5Author Commented:
computer speakers, unknown brands. Two are side mounted on the monitors (one Compaq and the other Packard Bell). The 3rd is just a pair of computer speakers.

i would say start with the lowest AMPs and LOW voltage and go from there
nickg5Author Commented:
I assume you can go to Radio Shack and buy adapters similar in input and output as the ones on my list and use them for various devices if they have the proper voltage-amp rating.
I'd like to find uses for some on my list, such as for these three sets of speakers.
nickg5Author Commented:
so if it is toooo low the sound would be distorted and if toooo high it would blow the speakers but not harm the computer system?
just as long as it isn't greater than 15V DC or 800mA  which is what my pc speakers are using

make sure you can cut the power quick and easy in ase of an emergency   like it starts to smoke  or smell   AT FIRST SIGN OF THAT CUT THE POWER IMMEDIATLY   FAILURE TO DO SO CAN CASUE HARM TO COMPONENTS AND WIRING   also i would use a cheap radio or something really inexpensive that you can plug the speakers into  incase they do send current through the wires

NEED anything else?
any more help?
No. 8 (Sino-American) is one I've seen used on a rechargeable flashlight - 1000 MA is fairly hefty for an 8.4 Voutput...

As far as your speakers are concerned, SOMETIMES the manufacturer will be nice enough to emboss the voltage and the polarity of the connector near the power input jack on the speakers. If not, assuming that we're not dealing with large and/or sub-woofer setups, the power adapters with 6 to 9 V DC output should power your small PC speakers just fine, with minimal risk of smoke etc.

In fact, I'm using an old Xircom 9VDC adapter to power the little speakers I have plugged into this laptop...

nickg5Author Commented:
The stand alone speakers says 12 volts near the a/c adapter plugin. I can't tell if any of the adapters I have listed above would work. Maybe the 9 volt one?

The CPQ monitor with side mounted speakers does not require an adapter.

The Packard Bell with side speakers does require an adapter but there is no info located near the plugin socket. I have already searched for the proper adapter for this monitor via the web and by contacting Packard Bell, etc.
yes try the 9 Volt   Only if it needs to be DC and the adapter in DC NOT AC   or vice versa

nickg5Author Commented:
nope the adapter says AC and the speakers say DV.

All these adapters and all this equipment, that all came from the same small shop and none seems to fit.

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