Registering and unregistering COM+ packages, applicationa an components

   Hello all,

   I'm writting because of a quite annoying problem. In my new job I have to deal with a big CVS-like system (an old version of CA AllFusion Harvest), and lots of source code that belongs to applications that are already in production state.
   Several applications are coded in Visual Basic, and using COM+ (Win2K) or COMTI(WinNT) , so they are basically a lot of DLL's, TLB's and OCX's registered in COM+ or COMTI. So let supose that a developer fixes a bug in one (or more) of this DLL's. My task is to build an installer to deploy only the changes. Unregister the previous DLL, backup it, replace and register the new one. In some cases, I'll have to unregister and re-register the whole application.
   The problem is that I don't kwow how to do this (or even if it is possible) using Delphi. COM+ applications looks more complicated to register thatn common DLLS's. I'm asking this here because some (long) time ago I used Delphi a lot, and I'm planning to use Inno Setup (, that now supports Pascal Scripting, to build the installers.
   I found a lot of information about doing such things using VB ( and VBS, but I would not consider using this unless there is no other way. As I posted this question elsewhere and got no answers, maybe there is somethig very simple I'm not able to figure out... If this is the case, please point me a tutorial or something of the like.

   Thanks in advance,


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There are API function which allow you to work with COM+ applications:

Looking at the VB code, I hope you can adapt it to Delphi.

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