Open IE pop-up from C# .NET

I know how to open an IE window of any size from another IE hyperlink, however;

Q. How do I open an IE window approx. 300 X 400 without toolbars, etc... directly from C# .NET code?
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this may help you
System.Diagnostics.Process myProcess = new System.Diagnostics.Process();
myProcess.StartInfo.FileName = "iexplore";

and for 300 X 400 size you could use "SetWindowsPos"  Api and pass myProcess.MainWindowHandle as windows handle.

kvnsdrAuthor Commented:
I have no idea what your refering to concerning your last statement:

"and for 300 X 400 size you could use "SetWindowsPos"  Api and pass myProcess.MainWindowHandle as windows handle."
1. Open a new windows app
2. drag a button on to the form
3. Double click on it
4. Paste this into it.

                    object o = null;

                    SHDocVw.InternetExplorer ie = new

                    IWebBrowserApp wb = (IWebBrowserApp) ie;
                    wb.Visible = true;
                    wb.ToolBar = 0;

                    wb.Navigate("", ref o, ref o, ref o, ref o);

5. Right click on references and click add the SHDocVw.dll reference in windows/system32
6.make sure to add "Using SHDocVw;"    at the top
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kvnsdrAuthor Commented:
Perfect. I reordered the code to eliminate the initial full-screen IE Window quick-flash (before reducing to the disired size) and it works perfect .

Using SHDocVw

SHDocVw.InternetExplorer ie = new
IWebBrowserApp wb = (IWebBrowserApp) ie;                  
wb.ToolBar = 0;
wb.Height = 400;
wb.Width = 200;
wb.Navigate("", ref o, ref o, ref o, ref o);
wb.Visible = true;

Q. I also need to open an htm file located in my bin folder.  (...more points...)

kvnsdrAuthor Commented:
Also finding the IE window does not open on-top of other windows. So I tried this javascript, but does not seem to affect it.

Also have my C# Windows Form1 properties set to: [Window Style] TopMost = false, howeve still same problem.

<body onload = "SetWindow();">
<script language = 'javascript'>
function SetWindow()
Are these windows that you want to change the z-order the same? Will they have the same title? You could use the window api in your c#

Once you find the handle to the window or the window title, you can use the windows api to control that window. Good Luck

Try using this javascript

<BODY onBlur="self.focus()"> <body>

Actually onblur might cause problems. try this

<BODY onLoad="self.focus()"> <body>


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Sorry again, make sure both <body> tags are the same. Z
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