Problem with internet expolrer

Dear Experts

i have a real problem and looking for an urgent solution.

i have installed our web site application on the IIS server.

while trying to access the http: from my machine, i can access without any problem
i'm typing like this ("http://esynergy\synergy")

but for some users while they trying to access to the same web page they are getting this error

Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.
AppName: iexplore.exe       AppVer: 6.0.2800.1106       ModName: dxtrans.dll
ModVer: 6.3.2800.1519       Offset: 0000332a

and for others they are not getting this error, how i can solve this issue.

i'm waiting for your solution urgentlly please
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Have you tried looking in the Microsoft Knowledge Base?
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
dxtrans.dll (DirectX Media DirectX Transform Core) is a module that contains functions used by DirectX Transform Core.


<A fix for the DirectX 8 and IE 5.5 bug (from Microsoft)>

DX8 installs dxtrans.dll and dxtmsft.dll files on Win95 and Win98 Gold with
version numbers higher than those in IE 5.5. On these platforms only,
problems with DX Transform functionality will be experienced. The order of
installation is important to possible resolution of this issue. If IE 5.5 is
installed first, followed by DX8, uninstallation/reinstallation of IE will
restore the pre-DX8 versions of the files saved during the first IE install.
A reversed order of installation (DX8 followed by IE 5.5) will not restore
the original IE files when uninstalling/reinstallating IE. In this case, a
workaround of uninstalling IE, followed by manually deleting dxtrans.dll and
dxtmsft.dll, followed by reinstalling IE will result in the correct file
versions being restored.

An IE update is required to install/reinstall higher versions of these
affected dll's without necessitating IE uninstallation/reinstallation.

<My own note>

For those who have difficulties understanding the above message, here's the
simple step-by-step procedure of the fix.

1. Uninstall IE (this step "may" be skipped).
2. Delete or move (recommended) these 2 files "dxtrans.dll" and
   "dxtmsft.dll" in your Windows system directory (c:\windows\system\) to
   somewhere else.
3. Reinstall IE 5.5 (if you skip the first step, make SURE that you do
   reinstall the WHOLE IE).

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how i can solve this issue.

look like IE version so try to update all IE with the latest + SP
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thabashAuthor Commented:

Thank you, i just moved these 2 files "dxtrans.dll" and
   "dxtmsft.dll" in my Windows system directory (c:\windows\system\) to
   somewhere else.

and copied these two files from another pc (where has no problem) to my directory and i restarted the system
and it's works fine now.


and thanks to every body's sharing this issue.

paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:

The method you used to solve the problem was suggested by me, points should have come to me !!!!!
thabashAuthor Commented:
sorry paraghs

you are right, i was in a hurry, and instead of selecting your name as accepted answer, i did a mistake and i selected another person.

please tell me how i can correct this mistake and gives the point to you.
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
Post a zero point question in Community Support at :
and ask the administrator to re-open this question, mentioning that you wrongly awarded the points.

Do remember to mention the question number, i.e.,

Administrator will then reopen this question, and you can award points correctly :)
thabashAuthor Commented:
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