best way to make image of OS

going to new updated computer, faster CPU 2gig memory larger hard drive. different mother board.
best way to get everything from one computer to the other.
Have duel layer dvd recorder on both computers. both computers will be on a small network at first I will change the name of
one computer and set different IP address
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If I understand well, you need to make an image of Computer A, transfer it to Computer B, and then have both computers on the same LAN.

I would say that the best way to make an image of the OS is Symantec Ghost. But BEWARE  !   If hardware from the two computers differ too much, you will run into a LOT of problems. Anyway, it's worth a try, and here's how you should perform the different operations :

1. Make an image of computer A (Ghost). If you are not familiar with Symantec Ghost, there are pretty good tutorials.
2. Restore the image on computer B.
3. Start the OS normally on computer B. At this stage, MAKE SURE that at least one of the computers is not on the LAN, otherwise you will get a SID  / IP conflict.
4. Now there are two possibilities : one, your OS detects new hardware flawlessly (happened many times for me), two, your OS has problems with the hardware, or you get conflicts, or simply a blue screen. Should that happen, you can try to repair your installation with the original OS CD.
5. If repair works, run NEWSID on computer B, generate a new SID, rename the machine and give it another IP address.
6. If repair doen't work at all, I strongly suggest an installation from scratch. I know, it can be a pain in the neck depending on the amount of software to reinstall, but unfortunately it will be your only option if you want a clean installation.

Don't hesitate to post back and feed me with the results.
Happy New Year and Good Luck

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Hre are acouple of articles concerning making this work, I am assuming you are using windows XP here, as you didn't state the OS in your post.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
NO -- you do NOT want to image/restore!!  "... new, updated computer ... faster CPU ... different mother board ..."  ==> an image is not a good idea when there are notable hardware differences.

The easiest way is to connect them on your network, and use XP's Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

This does assume you have XP installed on both computers -- is that correct??

If you use ghost you have to do it from a partition that is not in use which you most likely do not have.
even if you can use it, do not, the computer will not be setup right and may become unstable or damaged.

I would recomend putting the old hard drive in the new computer as a slave, or just manually finding all your files and sending them to the new computer by DVD or setting up a shared file on your new computer and sending the files to that shared folder.

To share a directory on a network

on the NEW COMPUTER, right click on the directory, and select sharing and security.
under network sharing and security enable sharing and then share the file by what name you want, i think it has a wizard for this.

on the oOLD COMPUTER go to my network places or your windows versions equivalent and open up the entire network.
go to microsoft windows network and then to the workgroup (mshome by default) your new computer is in.
you should see your new computer on the network.
click on the new computer and open the shared folder.
send the files as you would move them around the computer by dragging them to this directory or copying them there.

if you cannot connect to it because of a password box, go into dos on the NEW COMPUTER by holding the windows key and pressing r   then type cmd in the box and hit enter
type in exzactly the following line but do not hit enter yet
net user administrator
then append a space and whatever password you want for the administrator account (keep secret)

then on the OLD COMPUTER type in administrator in the username box and whatever your secret password is in the password box.

just a little tid biut of extra info:
to log into the administrator account if you ever want to (you wouldn't), press ctrl alt delete twice at the pick user screen, or if you do not know where this is
go to start => log off => log off and the screen will pop up

also, NICE COMPUTER 2 dual layer dvd, and 2 gigs of ram wow
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