Is it possible to design my Delphi app interface in HTML?


I am wondering if it's possible to use HTML (e. g. using IWebBrowser) to create a Delphi app that intracts with the database?

If so, how this can be done?

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Can you elaborate on what you'd like to happen?  You question is devoid of details.

There is an emerging WinFX/Longhorn standard, XAML, that is supposed to define a user interface.  However, I don't know how you would use this with Delphi.  There seems to be some similarity between XAML and the Delphi .dfm file (from the literature).

Here are some XAML references:
using ASP.NET in Delphi 8/2005/2006 you can.. or Intraweb
basically anything you can make you win32 / .net app do you can make your app do by coding in html/pascal
The IWebBrowser browser itself will not do anything more that just displaying the HTML files.

If you want to make your application work you will need a web server to serve these HTML files. For e.g. when you click submit button, all the fields on your form will be available in the POST parameters, which you can handle serverside.

If this Delphi application will just some ready web site - why not, you can integrate it. Otherwise - it is useless.
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if you use web browser as interface you must create teh html files and load them into the system but afterwards you can ues the go event to capture clicks easily and act accordingly. for instance you could say a href="mycode:open(table1)" when user clicks on a link you search for mycode: if you find it you interpret the rest of the link and make the browser go to another file:///c:\... which you would already have created. getting for values is also similar instead of go event you would work on the post event.
The answer is in your question: you can use IWebBrowser for UI in your application. For example, MonarchSearch (which developers team leadr I am) uses it (
I would NOT delete the question as it contains potentially useful information
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