HTTP Error 500.13 Server Busy OWA

I have OWA setup on my Exchange 2003 server and it works perfectly for several days.  At some point it quicks working and when I go to the site I get the message "HTTP Error 500.13 - Server error: Web server is too busy. Internet Information Services (IIS)".  I receive that error message after I see the "security alert" window that asks me if I want to Procedd.  When I click Yes I receive the above error.  If I restart my exchange box everything will be fine again.  The only errors in my event log are browser errors and some exchange errors corresonding to offline address books.  can anyone help?
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KP an exchange server that can handle 500 mailboxes may have a hard time handling 50 OWA that error may be telling  u the truth since after a restart things go back to normal for a while....
meanwhile take a look at ur default web site and make sure
connection timeout is not set high
 http keep-alive is enabled
also take a look(in ur iis default web site)at the performance section and make sure numbers look right to u....
other than that take look at IIS and firewall logs to see if someone is not trying
constantly to connect to ur iis server...
if everything looks good to u and u are satisfied ...then make sure antivirus software is not scanning ur INETSRV folder
kpkirishyAuthor Commented:
I've checked all of the above and it looks good.  One thing that I noticed is that my page file useage seems to be maxed when I am getting this error.  Once i restart the server the page file useage useage drops to right around 600 MB.  It slowly climbs though in in some amount of time... a couple hours .. it is maxed again and I receive the error.  I have gone through MS KB article 815372 and that didn't seem to have any effect.
read this article and if u have already taken careof it then maybe u should move ur
paging files to an empty disk and see if that would help u....

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also take a look at the first two tools and run them and hope they will give u some clue  as to what is wrong with ur exchange...
kpkirishyAuthor Commented:
I have already added the switches to my boot.ini file.  I have the /user set to 2800 which seemed to slow down the memory useage.  But it still slowly climbs.  What is a good level for the PF useage on an exchange server?  Once I reboot it goes to 600 mb and then slowly climbs.  right now the server has been up for 4 days and the pf useage is sitting at 1.05 gb.  I used perfmon to monitor the object memory / Free System Page Table Entries.  In the article you posted a link to I saw that this number should be at 20,000.  Below 7,000 means the system is unstable.  My Free system page table entries are shown as being right around 780 but that is at .01 scale so they are actually at 77966.  So I think I am good there.  My virtual bytes being used by the store process is sitting at 1,363,394,560.  I'm not sure if that is good or bad.

I had already run the best practices tool but I just ran the performance troubleshooter.  It seems that I have some disk bottlenecks but they don't seem to be causing an increase in the page file.  I guess I will just keep watching to see if the page file useage continues to increase.  Maybe it will cap off at some point.  the problem was always encountered when it rose to 5 gb.
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