GSM control over IRDA circuit using 8051 Microcontroller

I'm working on a project which I'm supposed to implement a remote control system via Infra Red using a gsm module all controlled by a 8051 microcontroller.
Basically, on one board having a gsm module, a micro-controller which can read and process defined SMS messages and an IRDA circuit which reacts to these messages. I.E. the gsm module recieves an SMS "bleep 2" and the IR led should blink twice...

Any suggestions? If anyone could help with a block diagram and necessary chips/components I would be very grateful!

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 HI, there are hundreds of GSM modules on the market.. first of all you'll need to decide witch one you'll be using.. then you'll have to read the datasheet and see how it is interfaced. Probably you'll be using I2C or something like that.

   So your diagram would be like this...

   GPS module ---->>> 8051 I/O pin  ----->>> Transistor --->> IR LED   < all about IR   < all about Cellphones.

here is a comparisson table of a siemens line of GSM modules 

you can see that the connection will range from RS232 to 16 data bits.


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Any particular reason to use an 8051? Just thinking that something like a PIC is more like a single chip solution since there are some you can drive an led straight off a serial output pin.
LiorWNAuthor Commented:
Nope... I just thought a PIC won't do the job... any specific model you can think of?
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 any 8 bit processor would do.

 You can use an AVR, a PIC, H8. As long as it have an uart.

 I the 8051 has a great uart integrated.. so if you are used with the 8051 programming stick with it.
 You can get along with an ATTINY16 or an ATMEGA8 .. .if this is a new project.. I recomend the AVRs since those two cost less than $2 each and have PWM and everything you'll ever need.

  Could you be more specific on the module you are using.. I can assist you more if I know the exact GSM module you have.
check there you'll find the datasheets for both 8052s and the AVRs
LiorWNAuthor Commented:
the ATTINY16 sounds great, i did s small project with the tiny12 before.

the gsm module i'm thinking about using is this one:

I wish there was a gsm module which supports only text messaging but alas:)
yep you can hook them up via serial.

 so, it is straight forward... I mean you'll need to read the datasheets and know exactly the commands you'll need to give them.. but I think the attiny16 is a great start... depending on the size of your program you may want to use the atmega16 or the atmega8

GPS module ---->>> 8051 I/O pin  ----->>> Transistor --->> IR LED

this is pretty much what you want to do...
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