Windows 2000 Upgrade/Repair install fails / Wants NAV 2005 CD

I fix PCs for a living. My customer has Win2K SP4 and booted from his Win2k 2000 SP2 CD and he says he did an "upgrade" install. Maybe he did a Repair install and did not know it. You can not upgrade something to the same OS, right? The reason he did this was he failed to get internet to work at some point.

The repair or upgrade or whatever (???) install (NOT A REFORMAT INSTALL, HE IS SURE ABOUT THAT) asked him during the Registering Components phase for him to put NAV 2005 in. (He has NIS 2005 installed which has NAV 2005 as a component). He put in NAV 2004 CD and it failed. If he cancels that it then hangs (i.e green progress bar for registering components no longer moves to right). If he he inserts the NIS 2005 CD and browses to WHAT HE THINKS is the NAV 2005 directory it also fails.

There are FIVE questions below. Please try to answer ALL of them; they are not in the order of importance BTW.

My questions are
(1) Why on earth is a Windows Upgrade or Repair install asking to put a CD in from another company (i.e not Microsoft SW). I have successfully done many repair installs (usually to XP) and have NEVER seen the process ask for ANY CD's, MS or NAV or any other CD; I mean a repair install reinstall the OS and no non MS SW, right.

(2) Is there a possibility that an Upgrade install asks for the NAV CD but a Repair install does not

(3) Does Windows 2K support Repair installs to begin with, BTW???

(4) Is there a possible problem that he has Win2K SP4 installed and is trying to Upgrade/Repair from a Win2k SP2 CD?  Will that work or must he have a Win2K SP4 CD to do a repair install? I suspect not. For Win XP SP2 you MUST have an XP SP2 CD but that is because XP SP2 is essentially a different OS and the XP SP1 CD's contents are too diffrerent to repair from. What is the answer for WIn2K?

(5) I happen to have a NAV 2005 CD. If I put it in at the point the repair/upgrade install asks for it do you expect THAT to solve the problem. (It will not activate and NIS 2005 will need to be reinstalled but that is not the point. I just need to get over the "hump" and get the repair/upgrade install to proceed past the problem point.)


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You can run the upgrade routine to an older version. Services stop working, though.

1/ The NAV issue could be that there is a NAV service that requires the system files to be registered before it can start, therefore it needs the CD. Usually they are looking for a specific dll, so browsing to \winnt\system32 often does the trick.

2/ Yes.

3/ Not really - I've never had any luck without a Rescue Disk

4/ Yes, and probably yes (See 5)

5/ Yes, only in conjunction with 4 - NAV2005 may require SP4 to operate correctly. Without SP4 the services may fail, causing BSOD, Hangs or any number of gremlins.

try creating a Slipstreamed Windows 2000 SP4 CD, then upgrade from that -

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mgross333Author Commented:

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding (3) what is a Rescue Disk, how does it differ from a Windows Install CD. Is a Ressuce disk an image of C: at time the PC was new. And it just gets' copied in? In any case, he does not have one.

Also you did not provide a certain answer to Question (3). A repair install is what the guy should have done if possible not an upgrade install. Do you know for certain, does Windows 2000 support Repair installs??

Regarding (5), that is not good news at all. The instructions in your link are hardly simple to say the least.

I suspect my only hope here is to use the NAV 2005 CD, get it to boot and immediately upgrade over the internet to SP4. And then reboot and see if NAV 2005 runs.  It really doesn't matter whether it works initially as long as I can upgrade via the MS site to SP4, especially since after 15 days he has to buy NAV 2006 (which does support Windows 2000 Pro BTW) and install it after Removing my NAV 2005. If NAV 2005 fails he can just immediately go to Staples and buy NAV 2006 for $40 and immediately install it and in the meantime not use the internet.

This all assumes that putting in the right CD allows the upgrade install to finish which is unknown. Plus all these stops and restarts of the install is not good to say the least. And also if a repair install was possible via different choice of options at the start, it may now not work due to what has been done already.

The slipstream link I view as a last resort.

mgross333Author Commented:

No need to answer my question above about whether WIn 2K supports repair install FOR CERTAIN. The link   answers the question. That link says it may work even without the Emergency Repair Disks (which you call a Rescue disk). And then again it may not work. But it is worth a try. I will try the NAV 2005 insert first.

It also may no longer be possible to do a repair install. As I recall if you interrupt a repair install or upgrade install it goes back to the interrupt point when you boot from the Cd again and does not present the initial set of options. On the other hand I want it to do EXACTLY this to use the NAV 2005 CD.

I will have to start work on this now and see what happens in real time.

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mgross333Author Commented:

He does have emergency repair diskettes (floppies) made from the PC. I'll use those if I can get it to do a repair install which is unlikley.

no worries. ERD is what I meant, yes.

as for the slipstream - It's not that hard if you have a good CD burning suite like Nero (full version, not express) and follow the instructions to the letter. Sometimes manufacturors use certain features in a service pack that are not available in earlier versions, this is why you may be having the problem.

If you can boot into safe mode then we can try disabling services, but that might be a long road without any result.

Delete no refund - we don't have an answer, and there is no response to my last.

Plus, enough detail was gven to justify an accept if he got it working...


He answered most of his question himself so I stand behind my recommendation
he asked 5 points, I answered all, and provided follow-up.

he's posted one idea on the repair, but that doesn't invalidate anything I said, and it's still not a complete answer to the question. On the balance - I answered more of the question than he did, but by the EE rules this should be deleted, no Refund.

Don't want to sound like I'm itching for a barney - I've done my share of CV work and know what it's like - so I'll let the Mods adjudicate.

OK... I guess I was wrong here :) Apologies

Changed recommendation; points to harleyjd {http:#15586585}
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