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Hello All--

I am currently seeking feedback on what some of you are using for instant server (Win2000 and/or Server 2003) recovery in the event of hard drive failure and/or operating system corruption.  I recently went through an orderal that ultimately took 2 full days to restore my usernames, passwords, sids, AD, etc. from a valid System State backup file.  It's my thought that if I had some form of snap shot image (taken either on set intervals or as data is changed) that I could restore the windows state to it's last known good environment, I could have saved myself a lot of time here.  

I'm wondering if there are any 3rd party hardware solutions that allow for server imaging and instant server recovery?  I'm not a big fan of your traditional tape backup solutions, and I've been looking at the Lasso Logic ( solution for real-time data backups, but I have yet to find anything that offers instant recovery of the operating system itself, if a server should crash or die.  In the case above, restoring the actual data was a breeze, it was restoring all of my user and operating system state information that took so long.

If I had a external device backing up my system state, usernames, passwords, security ID's---in essence, my entire operating system---allong with all of my mission critical data, I'd most certainly be able to sleep better at night.

Any feedback or recommendations you might have would be truly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
So you never bothered to test your recovery plan?  If you test your backups you know what to expect and how to do them.  Don't you have a second DC?  I've restored systems with a system state restore and they worked just fine and I was back to where I wanted to be in 5 minutes.
Greetings cmcglasson,

  If you use a RAID level configuration in you hardware if one disk fails always another disk will be there for backup.If you want more secure way you can use norton ghost so that it will take complete image of your computer

If you want to know more details you can have a look at this link

We have a very good article from microsoft really nice one how to recover in minutes check this link for more details

Hope this helps

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