Problem with Suse Ent 9 apache2 and perl

I am having a problem with Suse Enterprise 9 with apache2 and perl. The error message from the error_logs is:

1) Logs
[error] [client] Premature end of script headers:
[error] [client] (13)Permission denied: exec of '/home/www/fh/v2/Perl/' failed

2) Script is a simple hello perl script:

print "Content-type: text/html\r\n\r\n\n";
print "<HTML>\n";
print "<HEAD><TITLE>Hello World!</TITLE></HEAD>\n";
print "<BODY>\n";
print "<H2>Hello World!</H2>\n";
print "</BODY>\n";
print "</HTML>\n";

exit (0);

3) The command perl -wc reported syntax ok.
4) The command perl looks fine and reports:
perl  /home/www/fbo/Perl/
Content-type: text/html

<HEAD><TITLE>Hello World!</TITLE></HEAD>
<H2>Hello World!</H2>

5) May be the problem with my config. They are as below:


AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl

<Directory "/home/www/fbo/Perl">
        Options FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
<Directory "/home/www/fh/v2/Perl">
        Options FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
    DocumentRoot /home/www/fh
    Options ExecCGI Includes FollowSymlinks
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm

ScriptAlias /Perl "/home/www/fh/v2/Perl"

6) /etc/apache2/conf.d/mod_perl.conf
<IfModule mod_perl.c>
    PerlRequire "/etc/apache2/"

    ScriptAlias /Perl/ "/home/www/fh/v2/Perl"
    <Location /home/www/fh/v2/Perl/>
        # mod_perl mode
        SetHandler perl-script
        PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry
        PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
        Options +ExecCGI +Indexes +FollowSymlinks

Permission is already 777. Only thing to point out is /home/www is an nfs mount but shudnt ve permission problems. Another thing is shown in logs is the load balancer while the server is /home/www/fh/v2/Perl is a soft link to /home/www/fbo/Perl

What is the problem with my perl config?
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Check that /usr/bin/perl itself is executable by apache process.
pajiaoAuthor Commented:
Yes it is. I mentioned that i already did a 'perl /path/' and it reports well.
Did you run it as root, or as unprivileged user (apache usually is configured to drop privileges -- see User and Group directives in httpd.conf)?
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pajiaoAuthor Commented:
Suse default group is www and user is wwwrun. I ve thought of tat since i have permission denied in error_logs. Am i right to say if my script is 777 the user n group directives shudnt be a problem?
The script itself is world-executable, but the perl binary it uses may be not.
Other things to check:

- intermediate directories might be not readable by www:wwwrun
- if mod_perl is in use (it isn't clear whether it is), the perl binary is not used at all...
pajiaoAuthor Commented:
Running /home/www/fbo/Perl/ or /home/www/fh/v2/Perl/ gives me: -bash: /home/www/fbo/Perl/ /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: Permission denied as opposed to running it with the perl binary (perl /home/www/fbo/Perl/ which doesnt give me any problem.

What did u mean by intermediate directories?
pajiaoAuthor Commented:
By the way my nfs mount is:        /home/www       nfs     user 0 0
pajiaoAuthor Commented:
Another small progress made: added 'exec' on the export of my nfs server, did a mount -a on my www server and executing '/home/www/fbo/Perl/' leaves me with 'Permission denied' only. Bad intepreter solved. Strangely Redhat/Fedora doesnt mind without 'exec'.
pajiaoAuthor Commented:
Solved! It is a freaking NFS and perl ascii format problem. Somehow NFS config ported from Redhat worked differently from Suse though it appeared fine. After i solved the NFS problems, tested the perl scripts and found 'No such file or directory' which prolly meant the format. I used dos2unix and change all their permissions to 755 and everything worked without the stability problems!
Great :-)
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