Agobot & Iqsearch.desktop aware problem

Ive used ms antispyware to clean out my system....looked like the nasties were deleted however my desktop background still goes blank (white) when i boot ...i cannot change the background in display settings......i click on a background or picture but cant highlight anything....there is a background picture that has a blue background and a graphic saying the i have spyware....but I can only either leave the blank background or change it to the spyware warning background ...Can someone help give advice on how to remove this restore back to normal.....??

im running norton w/ spysweeper currently ...os is windows xp home
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Greetings, frogglegs !

Looks like you still have an adware, SpyAxe. Use SmitRem to remove this adware program

Run SmitRem in Safe Mode.

You may need to run this registry fix on line 142 of this page to fix the background.

Run Ewido in Safe Mode to remove other trojans and spyware

Best wishes!

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Thanks, war1
frogglegsAuthor Commented:
ewido fixed the problem...thx war 1
You are welcome, frogglegs!
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