Height of CPU Heatsink and cooler


I have ordered a new Intel CPU called Intel Pentium 4 D 820 2.8 GHZ via the internet and a new motherboard.

I haven't got a new case yet, and before I can go out buy such I need the following information:

How tall is the CPU then the bundled heatsink and cooler is installed on the top?


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I hav'nt seen the bundled heatsink but I would not expect to have a problem with any ATX P4 case, were you looking a mini case?
Even a mini case should state if it is P4 compatible.

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Euroman_21Author Commented:

The case I'm considering is:


and my motherboard is:


is there room enough ?


You should keep in mind that these CPU's run very hot and you may want to increase the heat sink size later on to promote cooling. A small case may be detrimental to cooling.
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If you accept a suggestion, I would go for the TT Tenor. It's prettier. http://www.thermaltake.com/xaserCase/tenor/black/black.htm . (Check the white version too).

Anyway, the Stock Cooler is around 70 mm (2.75") high (It adds up to around 3" including motherboard). You shouldn't have any problems with it.
Yes, there is plenty of clearance.
Euroman_21Author Commented:
Thank You they look cool :)

It is an ATX 2.0 PSU which is in the case? If Yes how many Watts do the PSU generate? I need at least 400W !

The TT Tenor DOESN'T come with a PSU. They put the "Standard ATX PSU" to remark that the case accepts a Standard ATX PSU, and you don't have to buy a MicroATX one. Here's a review of the case: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=224&num=1 .
By the way, I would recommend going for an Enermax 535W SLI or Fortron Blue Storm. Those are some of the best ATX 2.0 PSUs. But you can go for something cheaper (Say an Enermax Noisetaker 420W). ¿Which VGA are you going to use? This is a very important factor.

Some Enermax PSUs: http://www.enermax.com.tw/english/product_supply.asp?listf=27 .
Euroman_21Author Commented:

I was hoping to find a case which comes with a ATX 2.0 PSU. Isn't there any of those on marked?

It would be difficult to get, since most good cases come without a PSU. And if they include a PSU, it's often of bad quality.
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