Aplying Skin to app with ActiveSkin 4.3

I have made my own skin for my little application that I have in VB.
I am using ActiveSkin 4.3 to build the skin everything is fine im just
wondering if there is anyway to have the file.skn inside the .exe
so I dont have to have two files to run one app..
I order for me to run it correctly I need to have the .skn in the same folder.
can anyone give me any suggestions ?
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I am not sure but you may be able to save the skn file in a VB resource file and then call it from the resource file. When a VB app is complied the resource file is compiled with it.

follow that tutorial and you will see how to include a resource and use it

and when you have a resource, you can save it to the current path while running,
and delete it after running
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apleloisAuthor Commented:
well if i send the .exe to my friends will they be able to see it right?
Yes, provide your friend has all the dependency VB files. Example: VB runtime needs to be there on any machine that runs VB application and if you have used any third party control then they also need to be there.

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apleloisAuthor Commented:
>>follow that tutorial and you will see how to include a resource and use it

it is not filename.res it is skin.skn

if I dont have skin1.skn and I run the .exe I get and error and it doesnt load.
the .skn file is the skin I made using ActiveSkin but I only want file.exe to have everything.
so I dont have to send the two files to my friends.

this is the source code
Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Load()
    skn.LoadSkin App.Path + "\sources\Skin1.skn"
    skn.ApplySkinByName Me.hWnd, "Simple"
End Sub
apleloisAuthor Commented:
you can download a sample source code that includes a sample skin,
I have exactly the same thing exept for the skin file that is different.
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