Is there a way to set a preference on an A record?

I have two ISP accounts and host a web server on the faster account. If it goes down, I want users to go to the web server on the slower connection. Each has an A record listed for public DNS but I notice that the records get round robined thus sending users to both sites. I only want users to visit the server on slow connection IF the fast connection is down.

I was hoping to set a preference on the records but it looks like setting preference is not an option for A records. Any ideas on how to accomplish the above?

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You can't do this with DNS.  There is no priority on DNS records for A names like there is for MX records.

You might be able to talk to your ISP and see if they can handle this using dynamic routing.   Use just one IP address for your Web server and the ISP change routing tables so that "fast ISP" link is down it will route using "slow ISP" link.
I don't think DNS is configurable to set like a 'link cost' on DNS A records.

I'll have a think on the answer!
There are numerous services on the web which help you accomplish this using a mechanism called DNS failover. These services monitor your system and check if services like port 80(HTTP) or any other service you configure are up and running. As soon as they detect a failure, they switch over to an alternate IP address you have provided.

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