DVD intro first frame is paused and or cut off before playing movie

I'm producing a simple  DVD project. I exported the final file from Adobe Premiere 1.5 as a 720x480 uncomrpressed .avi file. When I view the file in Windows Media player it looks fine. When I import it into 2 different DVD creation tools the first 5 or so seconds of clip are quickly skipped, the following portion then pauses as a still frame and then begins to play. Perhaps it is important to note that the first few seconds of the original premiere project consists of a title screen, just using the titling tool, plain text on a black background. Maybe Premiere is automatically putting in some type of track tag here?

I'm now noticing the AVI compile Options in export movie settings. by default the Chapters Marker and Export Blank Markers is checked off. I'm going to try to uncheck them and see what happens.

also, the video is roughly 3 minutes long. no menu.
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Ben McNellyCommented:
Heres some more trouble shooting options...
(AVI is NOT going to give you best qualtiy or ease of use for DVD production... make sure your not exporting for dvd and just export movie..)

- Export this sequence as a MPEG2 or even MPEG1
- Try using photoshop for the titleing.

I almost possitive that "AVI" is whats killing you here.

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kenitechAuthor Commented:

hi, i thought maybe that might be an issue. i've used those formats before for longer DVD projects so i'm thinking that it might have something to do with the short length of this one. anyway, i checked in Premiere but I don't have MPEG as a format choice in 'export movie...' Is this part of the mpeg encoding that needs to be activated with adobe?
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Premiere 1.5???? do you mean Adobe Premiere 6.5?

Export the AVI as you normally do.  Then you will have to encode it into MPEG2.  Use this program;

Take the final output (MPEG2, you may need to split the audio MP2, and video MPV) and import into your DVD authoring program.  When you export,  make sure that you use the codec that is installed on your machine for appropirated compression... normall this would be the MICROSOFT AVI setting.
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kenitechAuthor Commented:
hm, ok, i'll look into that.

premiere pro 1.5, they started the numbering over again when xp pro came out i believe.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Hey, this is still open.. what's the status?  Any new development?  I would like to table this or help you out.  If there is a valid answer could you please grade accordingly.  If there were many input from other's splitting the poinst would be good as we invested our time in helping you out.  Please advise.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
...you've asked us for help and we all took valuable time to support you....at the very least, can you respond and let us know the status?  or better yet, grade the question?

Thank you.
kenitechAuthor Commented:
hey, i'm really sorry for the delayed response. since video projects tend to eat up my cpu power i haven't had the chance to test this issue. I'll check it out in the next day or so. I do appreciate everyone's time!
kenitechAuthor Commented:
hey irwinpks,

it seems that after converting the avi to mpg and then bringing into DVD authoring software my problem is solved. i used a different program to convert to mpg though. thanks for the help.

also, i've noticed when burning dvd's they don't seem to work when i burn at 8x. 4x and below seems to work better for my Panasonic set top dvd player.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Cool.. thanks!

As for burning at top speed. burning at a lower rated speed usually will solve most burned CD rom situations. You can also purchase higher rated speeds DVD discs.  A higher rate is always better.
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