Flash movie alignment issue

I am having an alignment problem with my websites flash header. Everything aligns properly in firefox but when viewed in IE the flash movie is off a little to the left and a white gap appears at the bottom. In opera the flash movie is simply misaligned to the left. I need help figuring out how to get the alignment to look the same in IE and Opera as firefox.

The site is:

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the problem is that the movie is not the exact width of the table,
so different browsers will align it different
<object width="781" height="135">

could it be that it should be this:

<object width="790" height="135">

790 is the width of your table
no its this:

   <td colspan="10" valign="top" bgcolor="#ffffff">

<object width="781" height="135">
<param name="movie" value="rcf_header.swf">
<div align="center"><embed src="rcf_header.swf" width="781" height="135">

(missing </tr>)

both because you are missing and </tr> and because the colspan should be 11

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guy4graphicsAuthor Commented:
the </tr> did it, that was too easy...thanks

Something I am still confused about it why i get a white bar right under the flash on IE but not in opera or firefox?
I don't see the flash movie anymore at all...

guy4graphicsAuthor Commented:
Sorry about that...an issue with my ftp account. Should work fine now.
guy4graphicsAuthor Commented:
the correct link is now... http://nexuslaunch.com/rcf%5Fdemo
looks just grand for me in internet explorer and firefox

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