WD Passport drive does not show in My Computer

My 80GB drive has been working fine until today. The only change I made was to share it on my home network so that iTunes on 2 computers could share it. The WD Passpot drive now does not appear in My Computer and it is not accessable. It does show in Device Manager and running WD diagnostics on it does not return errors. All of my iTune music is stored on that drive but I do not have access to it. Any ideas?
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Can you boot on it?  
if so,     then the drive is good try to do a system restore to a point when the drive works

if not,   try putting as a slave in another system and copy the files over and then replace the drive

phinbobAuthor Commented:
No, I cannot boot to it. Wouldn't I have to have system files loaded on it?
This is a WD 80GB Passpot USB drive. it's been working fine. Could it be something to do with the fact that I made it shareable and had 2 PCs trying to access it at thye same time?
maybe  but did you try using it on a stand alone computer which isn't networked at all

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phinbobAuthor Commented:
No I didn't try that. I just got it to show in Disk Management now. I had to initialize it again. It is showing as unallocated and my only option seems to be to add a new partition. I really do not know much about this. If I add a partition will it then make the disk available? Will I lose my iTunes?
it seems like your partition is gone  

recreate it

yes it seems your iTUNES is gone  sorry bout that

if you insert the usb cable, does it give the pop-up and recognition sound?  if yes, try this :
-disconnect all usb devices
-go to device manager>view tab, click show hidden devices
-delete All usb entries in device manager
-reboot and tes.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
If you mess with it (recreate the partition, etc.) your iTunes will certainly all be gone.

I'd suggest you STOP -- and provide a bit more detail that may help recover everything.

Since you already re-initialized it you may have already destroyed all the iTunes data; but there ARE utilities that MAY be able to recover your data if you haven't done too much beyond that.   Even if you're added a new partition there is some hope -- but the more you do to the drive, the lower the chances of recovery are.   For future reference, anytime you have a hard disk problem, and have data on the drive you want to recover, the best thing you can do is NOTHING!!  Do not use the drive; do not run Chkdsk with the /F option; do not alter the partition structure; etc. => there are several good recovery utilities that do NOT write to the disk; and ANY write to the disk reduces the chances of recovery.

As I said -- STOP using the drive in any way.

Download GetDataBack from www.runtime.org;  install it on your desktop; and see what it shows as recoverable from the external drive.  You need the FAT version (assuming you haven't reformatted your drive), since the Passport is formatted with FAT32.

If GetDataBack shows your files, you can recover them by simply buying the program.

... and of course the answer to your question "...Wouldn't I have to have system files loaded on it?" is Yes.  I wouldn't expect this drive to boot unless you had specifically set it up as a bootable device; and had mentioned it in the question.

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