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HI Guys,

Here's my situation.  On the same piece of property I live in one house (a guest house) and my father lives in the main house.  The two houses are seperated by about 75 - 90 feet.  My house has the DSL connection.  I have just bought my fater an HP ZV6000 series laptop and want to be able to allow him to share my DSL.  I will be setting up a wireless router in my house and need to know what the best way is for him to pick up my signal.  My thought is to put an access point in his house.  Here is the problem though.  Our houses were built back in the 1940's when building constuction was top notch.  We have solid 18 inch thick concrete wall  and the room were his laptop will be also has a lot of glass.  What I want to do is use an extended cable to router with an outdoor antenna but atennuation loss is drastic with cable from an antenna to router.  Secondly, is it even possible to put an access point in his house without a network cable.  Thirdly, while the router would be connected to the modem and a main tower PC in my house I also need to be able to have my laptop connect to the signal.  So how do I get a directional antenna pointing towards his house and still have the routers antenna in my house pickup my laptop signal.  I have been looking at Hawking Technologies because they have high db out door antennas.  Does anyone have any suggestions on possible eqipment to use and how to configure it.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

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You might look at:

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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services Manager


75-90 is not that far...your only real dilema is that 18" thick wall.

I would just run an ethernet cable ...which you can make yourself.....underground...from one DLINK router > .......over to the guest house connecting another identical wireless dlink router...  This way you have wifi covering your entire property, and performance would be much better.

Things you need
Cable crimper > (you can get these at home depot as well as the cable ends)
Cable ends > (home depot)
Ethernet cable> (home depot)
Two DLINK wireless routers >

Instructions for making "straight thru" T568A  cables >

/                  Main house                    \                                             /            Guest house         \

DSL modem>-----wan{dlink router}lan======================wan{dlink router}lan

Be sure not to cut your extra cable...sometime making cables takes a couple tries before you get good at you may need the extra cable...especially if you plan on burying it.  If you have telephone conduit already...I would use that.

Ron MalmsteadInformation Services Manager

PS:  the lan side of your guest house router has to be a different subnet than the first router....or they would get confused as to where requested traffic is coming and going....hence conflict.

have DHCP lease addresses on 192.168.5.X

your main house router will be defaulted to leasing on 192.168.0.X subnet

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