java.sql.SQLException: Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric

We have an application server (j2ee) that access either Oracle or DB2 database through jdbc
I now try to configure it so that it can access a MS/SQL database.
I put jdbc driver I found (jtds), configure it
The application starts, can access the database (I have a client that can ask for data manipulation to my application server
Now some operation (I don't know precisely which one yet) cause this exception : java.sql.SQLException: Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric
I wonder if there may be some incompatibility with datatype or something like that
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For nvarchar the java object is String and the JDBC type is VARCHAR, from the docs so treat them accordingly

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You must look at your database schema and check what type each field is. Pay attention to your casting in your entity bean, if you read in a varchar from the database, and casted it to an int for internal calculations and then tried to store it back via the ejbStore() you have to cast that back into a String, or the original format which you took it.
Mayank SPrincipal TechnologistCommented:
You're perhaps trying to hold an NVARCHAR in an integer. Do you call getInt () or getLong () somewhere?
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