Win 2K; "Workstation" Service won't start. Error 1083

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I can't start the "Workstation" Service.  When I try, I get:

Could not start the Workstation service on Local Computer.
Error 108:  The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service.

What's going on?
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I have come to discover that I can't remove adn replace the "Client for Microsoft Networks", which I'm assuming is the "Workstation" service.  (This is from "Control Panel|Network and Dial-up Connections|Properties|General|Install|Client|Client for Microsoft Networks").

The error message that I'm getting is "Could not add the requrested component.  The error is:  The name is already in use as either a service name or a service dispaly name."

Of course, the kindergarten drop-out that wrote the software didn't bother to display what the value of "The name" is, nor did he bother to distinguish which of the two - service name or display name - the problem pertains to.  I've gone through the registry wtih an axe trying to eliminate things that contain "Workstation" or "LanmanWorkstation", and the problem persists.  I'm so mad at this piece of junk O/S right now I can't even explain it.  UNIX still has hope...

I have a strong suspicion that if I can get the Client for Microsoft Networks reinstalled properly, that will fix whatever broke in the first place.

Did you by any chance recently add/remove Great Plains software?  I found this article and additional comments that seem to relate to your problem.  I know it mentions XP and not 2000, but the two are quite similar.  Worth checking out.

Also, are you getting any error numbers associated with the text errors you mentioned?  Have you checked the Event Viewer logs (Application and System logs) for additional errors?  The more info you can post, the better.



Nope, haven't used Great Plains - don't even know what it is.  

Event viewer shows nothing.  

It appears that the problem boils down to the following issue(s):

A) The "Workstation" service appears in my Services list in the Services Control Panel applet, but all that appears is the name - "Workstation".  No Description.  No Status.  No Startup Type. No Logon As.  Just the name.
         - (As a side note, NONE of my services have descriptions any more

B) I can't edit the Workstation service's Properties.  When I right click on "Workstation" and select Properties, I get the following error message:  "Configuration Manager:  A required entry in the registry is missing or an attempt to write the registry failed".  It gives no further information - not what entry it was looking for or writing, nor which of the two suggested problems really exist.  It's ridiculous.

C) I can't start the Workstation service, which seems to make perfect sense given A) and B) above.  I simply get an error "Could not start the Workstation service on Local Computer.  Error 3:  The system cannot find the path specified.

D) (and this appears to be the REAL issue)  I can't Install the "Client for Miscrosoft Networks".  When I edit the network properties and attempt "Install|Client|Client for Mocrosoft Networks", I get the error "Could not add the requrested component.  The error is: The name is alraedy in use as either a service name or a service display name".  Again, it doesn't specify which of the two suggested problems really exists, nor does it indicate what "The name" actually is.  I'm assuming "Workstation", but there is no way to tell for sure.

I'm dying here.  Help is appreciated.
Wow, what happened to this computer before this problem started?  Sounds like some nasty virus got to it, or a user did some experimentation with the registry.

With a situation this dire, one option that seems to work well is an upgrade of the operating system.  If you have the Windows 2000 installation CD, there are a few options you can try.  

First off, you can try to do a repair of the OS (see the link below for step-by-step instructions):

After doing this, you should re-install Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 and then check your services.  If all is well, be sure to go to WindowsUpdate to retrieve the remaining updates.

You could also try to do an upgrade of the OS using your Windows 2000 media.  This should preserve your environment and your applications but refresh the OS itself.  Just boot up the PC, insert the Windows 2000 media, and follow the installation steps to do an upgrade (not a new install).  Again, you will need to reinstall Service Pack 4 and other Windows Updates after the upgrade.

Another option would be to upgrade to Windows XP.  If this option is acceptable, I think it would be best.  The only catch is, XP tends to be more bloated, so if you only have 256MB of RAM, you might need an upgrade.


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