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C# Is it possible to make the text in a label selectable to the clipboard?

Is it possible to select the text with a mouse within a label and then right click and copy it to a clipboard? I read somewhere else ( Granted this was VB .NET and not C#) that you set Locked = true and Style = Flat and that would allow you to do it. Since the C# label does not have a direct Style property i tired this with the flatstyle property instead. Thanks for the help folks
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no, i don't think you can do it with the label... what you can do is:

1. add a ContextMenu to your project
2. add one menu item to the menu above and set the text to Copy
3. add this menu as a context menu of your label (say label1)
4. double click the "Copy" menu item and add the following line:

          Clipboard.SetDataObject( label1.Text, true );

Now it will copy any text from your label and will paste it anywhere else (like in some word document or text document) with the Paste command or Ctrl+V

Good luck,
i agree with Yurich; it isn't possible in the common terms of selecting and copying.  to add to Yurich's possible solutions, you could also use a textbox, dimensioned to fit the text exactly, and then set borderstyle = flat, and probably backcolor= control to get a 'label lookalike' that allows selection and copy.  of course, you'd have to disable the ability to type or paste into the textbox without setting enabled = false.

...with ReadOnly to True (using the TextBox)
You can easily change a TextBox for this purpose.

TextBox1.Text = "Hello, Select Me";
TextBox1.ReadOnly = true;
TextBox1.BorderStyle = 0;
TextBox1.BackColor = this.BackColor;
TextBox1.TabStop = false;

have a look at the url http://i.stack.imgur.com/1M4wH.png
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