Automated backup fails - 'specified media cannot be found'

Using the backup wizard in SBS2003 to backup weekly to a shared folder on a NAS machine (WIn XP Pro 400Gb storage, member of domain). The NTBackup finds the folder, manages to create the 'Backup Files' folder within it, then dumps with the error 'The operation was not performed because the specified media cannot be found'.
Well it obviously finds the media to be able to create the folder within it. Permissions are set correctly and there's more than enough room for around 4 full backups on the drive - so why does it fail and exactly what media cannot be found????
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Read this article and make sure you understand difference between managed and unmanaged media.  Then, if you still have issues, post back again.  

hope this helps
garywowenAuthor Commented:
OK, read and understood the article. However right clicking on the scheduled backup task brings up properties of the task but not the actual job - i.e. just '"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Backup\bkprunner.exe"' and not the full, editable command line commands as per the article - I assume I need to use the /um switch but where?
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
There is a knack to this.
Go into NTBackup and select scheduled jobs. When you see the calendar where the job appears, move the cursor and hover over the job. Click on it once.
Select the properties tab in the lower half of the screen. This shows you the parameters that will be passed wiwhen the job runs. Add the /um at that point if this is the correct option for your needs.

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Sorry.  I forgot about the SBS2003 using another exe to invoke it's flavor of NTbackup.  But the issue mighjt still be the same one.

I cant remote access into the SBS2003 domain I administer (well, I can, but I can;t get into backup wizard because backup is currently running)

Isn't there someting there that addresses media rotation? Maybe it's part of the Tape Changer question?? Tape changer implies the tape will be removed and it is expecting a new tape???  It may still be the same sort of issue.  Sorry.

Next time i'm there I look at it.  I just can't put my finfer on it without looking at the wizard.  
garywowenAuthor Commented:
You're right - it uses another exe - bkprunner.exe so the backup job doesn't show in the NTBackup schedule. When you try and run the former exe it launches, then closes - it doesn't require user input. But I need to tell it I'm not using a damn tape - the Wizard knows that as I've put a network folder into it as the destination -but still it fails, no wonder 3rd party backup software is so popular!
garywowenAuthor Commented:
OK - sorted. Seems to be a bug in the SBS2003 wizard when modifying an existing schedule - it doesn't alter the new location for the backup - so im my case it couldn't find the media as I had removed the previous backup media.

Found the info here for anyone with the same problem 
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Nice one :)
Great troubleshootind FAQ, BTW.

So no media meant just that?  You know, I just gotta laugh.  I humbly bow out!  
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
<<tongue in cheek comment and feeling very small>>
Of course, We all knew that was the problem ...... as it was so obvious, we thought we would let you find it for yourself.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Would suggest PAQ - Refund as the link does give the solution. Sometimes the obvious is the hardest to see.
PAQed with points refunded (250)

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