copy and paste just stopped working.

I have been working and copy and paste has just stopped working in Windows XP

This happens occassionally.

neither via right click
or via hot key combos work...
any ideas.

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have you checked the system for malware and viruses?
i have seen this issue mostly becoz of spywares\adwares running in the background
davidgareauAuthor Commented:
yes... any other ideas?
when did you start noticing this problem? like after installling\uninstalling any program or stuff like that?
is this a laptop?
when copy\paste stops working, what do you do to get it working back, restart?
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davidgareauAuthor Commented:
Just doing my typical work....
Browsing, Word., Excel...
davidgareauAuthor Commented:
No installations before it happened
This happens due to shutdown or corruption of RPC (Remote Procedure Call ) service.

I suggest you to install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Just repeat the Service pack installation if it is already installed.
Install available Critical Updates for XP (Highly Recomended).
Go to Microsoft Windows Update Site
Update your Windows, if Possible.

Install a good Antivirus with latest update. (I trust Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition).
Install Microsoft Antispyware (Freeware) (Requires IE6 + IE6 SP1)

Install a Good Firewall :- Like Zone Alarm it's really wonderful.

After that u will get a 99% secure system.


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Backup your files (not windows though!) and do a reformat (you can burn files to a CD through a program without needing to copy-paste). I've experienced a Windows corruption, in which I got the copy-paste error along with multiple others. Here, it's just best to reinstall Windows, best from a clean base by reformatting the hard drive. Then, you should follow sunilcomputer's advice not to experience the problem again.
Greetings, davidgareau !

1. While in an application, select Edit > Copy or Paste.  Are you able to copy or paste this manner?

2. Check for file corruption. Go to Start > Run and type
sfc /scannow

and hit <ENTER>

3. Perform a system restore back to a date when copy and paste worked.
Best wishes!

Give your system an indepth cleanup with CCleaner (aka Crap Cleaner):

Download, install and start it.

On the Cleaner section select/tick all items and then click the "Run Cleaner" button.

Reboot when finished and test.

davidgareauAuthor Commented:
I see two services
RPC (Remote Procedure Call ) service

and RPC Locator... what's the difference?

Here is a tutorial on RPC. It is a required Windows function

RPC Locator is part of RPC and is not spyware

As to copying, how did you fail.  Try to copy and paste in the following manner

1. Highlight the word or words that you want to copy; hit CTRL + C;  move the cursor to the location you want to paste; hit CTRL + V

2. Right click on highlighted area and  click Copy

3. Go to Edit menu and select Copy.
Forget to do anything about RPC, your problem occurs due to shutdown of RPC.

The only thing u can do to solve this problem is :-

I suggest you to install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Just repeat the Service pack installation if it is already installed.
Install available Critical Updates for XP (Highly Recomended).

Apply the above solution for all systems if u have a network. Otherwise even if you format your machine, the same problem will occur again.
davidgareauAuthor Commented:
I don't know if it was restarting the RPC Locator that did it, that's what I did, and in my infinite wisdom and application of the scientific method, I didn't check if it worked before restarting and setting the RPC to auto start.
It was on my coworkers computer.

regardless, thanks, no need to re-image.

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