error applying transforms when attempting to remove backup exec 9.1

when I attempt to remove backup exec 9.1 sp4 from a windows 2000 server I get the message

"error applying transforms verify the specified transform paths are valid"

any ideas?

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Harps_BarfiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Knowledge base has lots of articles relating to the error message - althought not specifically for backup exec

Its probably some funny setting in an installation script that may not be relevant anymore as you have applied updates etc.

Manufacturers often have a manual uninstallation procedure you can follow - might be worth contacting backup exec and seeing of they have one.

Or ypu can follow this guide.

Although I cant vouch for its accuracy the guy seems to know whats hes on about and the msi cleanup makes sense.
Jessie Gill, CISSPConnect With a Mentor Technical ArchitectCommented:
Most likely what is happening it is trying to uninstall the remote agents but failing, so downlaod the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.

and follow what this KB from veritas says the utility link is in this kb as well.
brikeyesAuthor Commented:
well i dont know witch one of your post led me to the answer , but the problem was this

for some reason unrelated to this the drive letters in the server had change and the app or os could not find the c:\winnt\installer path

it was looking for it in d:\winnt\installer

i went into the registry and corrected this and was able to uninstall it


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