HP wireless keyboard driver

This might be a question for programming...but

I have these HP wireless keyboard/mouse units. You plug them into an xp machine and they work fine, but none of the buttons across the top work, like buttons for applications, web pages etc.

The one feature it does have across the top that I want is a volume control knob and a mute button. Which for my music setup would be really nice to have.

One time the volume control was working.

I tried different drivers but haven't had any luck. In control panel If I delete the HID driver (under keyboard) then the volume control works like I want. Unfortunately then the keyboard doesn't work.

My friend got these with some computers he bought but he didn't like them and gave them to me.

It has a part number on the back but I think that is for the computer system as a whole. 5187-5993

FCC ID E5xkb5219urf2
model 5219urf 2+

I have a shuttle control that reads keystrokes and it sees the volup voldown mute messages when I turn the knob or press mute but it's not hooked up to the system contols. So some type of 3rd party software might do the trick...

Any help appreciated
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There needs to be some application or service running on the desktop to interpret the signals sent.  You will probably see a CD that comes with the keyboard to do this.
Try these (you'll have to sign up for their "free account", don't get fooled into signing up for their offers for spam):



The first link is probably what you want since it looks like it includes one more file in addition to the file in the second link.

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Well since u r owning a product of Hp i recommend u to search for the drivers in the hp.com website.

Use the steps in this document to solve a wide variety of wireless keyboard and mouse issues.

NOTE: If your wireless optical mouse flashes when it is not in use, this is the normal activity of the mouse. The mouse is not defective.

If your wireless mouse or keyboard is not working properly, check the following:

If the wireless mouse jumps or does not track well, it may be due to the surface you are using. Place the mouse on a light-colored mouse pad or white sheet of paper, and then check its operation.

NOTE: Use the wireless mouse on an opaque surface. The wireless mouse cannot work properly on a glass, grooved, translucent, reflective, or see-through surface.

Restart the PC.

The mouse is designed to enter a suspend mode after 20 minutes of inactivity. Try to reactivate the mouse by clicking the left mouse button.

Verify that the batteries are correctly installed in the keyboard and mouse. If possible, use a fresh set of alkaline batteries.

If the receiver is a USB receiver, unplug it, wait for five seconds, and then plug it back in. Wait about five more seconds and then test the mouse and keyboard again.

Reset the keyboard and mouse connections:

NOTE: The following connection sequence must be completed within 60 seconds.

Press and hold the recessed connect button on the underside of the keyboard for ten seconds (not the Internet connect button on the top of the keyboard).

When you release the button, make sure it does not stick in the depressed position.

Press the Connect button on the receiver once

Press and release the recessed connect button on the underside of the keyboard.

Press the Connect button on the receiver again.

Press and release the recessed button on the underside of the mouse. Make sure the connect button does not stick in the depressed position.

1 - Connect button

2 - Num Lock LED

3 - Alpha Lock LED

4 - Scroll Lock LED

5 - Activity LED

The wireless receiver that comes with the Keyboard and mouse is either a PS/2 style or USB. Perform the following steps to reconnect the receiver cables, depending on which style of receiver you have:

USB: Unplug and reconnect the USB cable into one of the USB connectors on the back of the PC. If your PC has four (or more) USB connectors on the back of the PC, connect using one of the lower two connectors. Connecting the receiver into one of the higher USB connectors may cause the PC to not recognize the mouse and keyboard. PC should automatically recognize the receiver when found.

PS/2: Turn off the PC and reconnect the wireless receiver cables to the mouse and keyboard connectors on the back of the PC. Typically, the keyboard cable is purple, and the mouse cable is green. The PC should automatically recognize the receiver when found.

If error messages are displayed on the screen about your keyboard, you need to remove old keyboard software before the keyboard can be used. To do this, click Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and remove any item in the list that relates to a keyboard. You can install any new keyboard software after the PC is restarted and the new keyboard is recognized by Windows.

Make sure that the receiver is at least 20 centimeters (8 inches) away from other electrical devices (PC, monitor, keyboard, etc.).

If you are using the mouse or keyboard around large metal surfaces, remove the metal surface or move the receiver, mouse, and keyboard to a new location, away from the metal surface.

Remove any other objects that are between the keyboard, mouse, and the receiver, especially speakers.

If possible, move the keyboard, mouse, and receiver to another PC to see if the problem is being caused by the PC.

Make sure that the keyboard and the mouse are within 100 centimeters (39 inches) of the receiver and on the same level surface.

If, after performing the previous steps in this document, your PC still cannot consistently detect the keyboard and mouse, download and update the BIOS for your PC. To update the BIOS, go to Support and Drivers and enter your PC model number. Download and install the latest BIOS update from the download page using the instructions provided.

After performing these steps, the wireless keyboard and cordless mouse should now function correctly.

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tacman7Author Commented:
Got it working!!

It is so nice to have a real volume control in DAW setup, I don't want my monitors tore up!

Thanks for all the help.

I had searched google and found lot of people looking for the same thing and found some older drivers but nothing that worked.

I had searched HP.com but came up with less than nothing. I wrote them then asked you guys. I was going to use the driver from driverguide.com because I think it would have done the trick when HP wrote me back and told me about an updated version of the one on driverguide. That's what I used and it worked.
It would be nice if you could search their site with the model number of what you need...

Well anyway, think I'll put up this driver on driverguide.com
"Well anyway, think I'll put up this driver on driverguide.com"

That is an excellent idea. I'm glad you went to the trouble to contact HP... I searched their site by model number and came up empty too, this must be a product they don't care about very much, but it's sad to see their online support is lacking in this way.
Dear tacman7,
Would you like to give a link tu this working driver please?

Thank You very much.
Best regards.
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