SMTP Blocked through isp, alternates?

We have a user who is on POP3 and he really does not want to change anything he currently has.  We have installed exchange 2003 with OWA and everything works great.  

i understand that ISP's block port 25 and i understand why, but what can i do for this user who would like to stay pop3 and be able to send mail.  is there a relay server i can use? pay for? anything other then using OWA?  

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WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
Hi there lgropper,

There are loads of *paid for* SMTP Services out there.  I have previously pointed people towards Gradwell
:  but I'm UK based so its a UK Company

But its a personal choice you can make based on price or locality.  


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Another option that you could do is just use the ISPs SMTP server. Is that an option that you could use? For example I am an ntl customer, so I forward all my exchange server email through the smarthost This option is in the smtp properties under advanced properties.

lgropperAuthor Commented:
Wadski, sounds great. thanks.

Richard, we can't do that because the user moves around from china to india and other places.

Thanks for the quick replies!
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