How to Appropriately Start Another Application from My GUI Application

I would like to know the appropriate method for starting another program from my GUI application and then kill it later while not losing control of my GUI. I want to be able to do something similar to below that doesn't freeze the GUI:

void on_buttonStartExternalProgram_clicked()
     //procedure to start program

void on_buttonStopExternalProgram_clicked()
     //procedure to stop external program

I just need to start an external program I don't need to pass data between it.
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Depends on the system you are using and what "goals" you have.
If you just have to start a program you can use
assuming you speak about C, which is abolutly not clear BTW

On Unices you may or may not want to use
- popen
- fork/execxxx stuff

Now if it should not "freeze" you system you have to check what the proper options for calling out are.

So if you like to get a better answer I suggest you tell us
- which languages you're using
- what OS you have

Oh, great I havn't realized we are in the Linux section so the things which hold and
- popen
- fork/exec

A good book about programming Unices is "Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment" from W. Richard Stevens, your stuff looks to me like it is GTK+
So you may make good use of:


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thomas1477Author Commented:
I've looked at those with the exception of popen. What about threads? I haven't tried it yet but can you start another application using the create thread method or combination of thread and exec like fork/exec?
A thread is not a process, so it is a different thing, You wrote you want to start another application that's a process for me. If something like starting a indpendent process is a possible from threads is beyond my knowledge.

thomas1477Author Commented:
Yeah, that makes sense. Ok thanks.
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