Internet Time - even though on domain

I am on a domain, i do not log on or log off ever.  for one reason or another i cannot.  my clock always runs slow, i want to use the native windows xp internet time to sync my clock.  

how do i override it so i can use it while being on a domain..

i do not want third party software..

thanks in advance.!
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If you are on a domain, your machine should be synching with the domain controller on the domain.  If the domain is setup properly, the domain controllers should be synching with NTP servers on the internet

at a cmd prompt type

net time

You should get a response like the following

H:\>net time
Current time at \\domaincontrollername is 2/9/2006 10:27 AM

Local time (GMT+11:00) at \\domaincontrollername is 2/10/2006 2:27 AM

The command completed successfully.

if the times don't match you can type

net time /set

and then synch with your domain controller.


ehrlichanAuthor Commented:
the only problem is that i am told by out network admin that it will only sync once i log in or out.  i do not so it never syncs.
Go to "Start" -> "Run" and type "cmd" in the run line.  Click ok or hit enter.

At the command prompt type the following:

w32tm /resync


That will re-sync your clock with the domain controller.

To automate it, you can start the "AT" service and schedule the command to run at a specifice time, say in the morning before you get started working on your machine.

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Your best bet is to get the time source for your domain to sync its time from the Internet and then sync your time with the domain time source.

Part of the problem with trying to do it directly from your desk is that the firewall (if you have one) for your network may be blocking that type of traffic and I doubt if your network people want all of the desktops sync'ing externally.

Is there any special reason that you do not log off, we have a requirment that everybody logs of at the end of their shift?  This way the desktop support group can do updates when needed with out forcing a logoff and causing the loss of work.
Follow up:

at cmd prompt:

type "net start schedule"  If you get an answer that the service is already started, ignore it.

type AT time "command"


c:\at 06:30 "w32tm /resync" /every:day
fixer's solution should do what you're asking for.

However, if you would like a little more functionality (like being able to make you own computer a time server), AboutTime is a very popular Windows based time synching program.  Using the right time server, your time may even be more accurate than that of your domain controller ;)
If your machine is a domain member of an Active Directory domain: synchronize ONLY with your DC (which is the default setting for domain members anyway). In order for the logon to work, the time on your machine and the time on the DC may not differ for more than 5 minutes; it doesn't matter at all if "your" time is more accurate than your DC's.
The time service on XP will synchronize the time automatically, even if nobody is logged on, or if a user is logged on all the time.
Open a command prompt, enter
net time /querysntp
This should result in something like "This machine is not configured to use a special SNTP server" (or similar, not using an English version). If it's not, enter
net time /setsntp
net stop w32time
net start w32time
which should reset the time synchronization to the default settings (that is, automatically synchrone with the authenticating DC).

If it's an NT4 domain: you can set your time basically to whatever you feel like setting it to, at least as far as logons are concerned.
"I am on a domain, i do not log on or log off ever"

domain AUthentication uses Kerberos
Kerberos uses the current time as part of the security mechanism

That is why you cannot change the time on your machine if it is joined to a domain.
Seems your best bet would be to remove it from the domain. Either that or take it somewhere and log onto the domain so the time will synch up.

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