Help with an interview

Ive an interview tomorrow
I need a fleshed out way of saying that I worked on a website that used ASP, VBScript and Microsoft Access.
Anyone any ideas?
Sorry for the vagueness of the question!
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Prospective employers really like to see examples of your work.  If you're proud of the site then I'd totally give them the url and perhaps go over it in the interview if it comes up.

Well, if all you're looking for is just a phrase, I think this is pretty professional sounding:

I developed an online application with ASP, VBScript, and a Microsoft Access database backend.

...but if you do say something like that they'll likely have lots of questions about it, so be ready.  It's good to define exactly what it is you did on the website, and if it's not something incredibly impressive, you may NOT want to play it up.  It's best to stay positive and try to focus on why they're going to hire you (w/o being kissass).  Are you really talking about VBScript, or are you talking about VB.NET.  There is a client side language called VBScript, but if you're talking about the server side technology, that's typically refered to as simply VB (Visual Basic)

Good Luck,


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paulwhelanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!

If I just have .asp files on my website and within them do
language = "vbscript" (or whatever it is)
Isnt that purely server side VBScript?
And not VB at all? Just a cut down version of VB?
Can .asp files use VB?

<<Can .asp files use VB?>>
It can use com objects created by VB.
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It might also be helpful if you can name the asp objects off the top of your head...
Yea, sorry, I thought you were talkin about ASP.NET and VB.NET, in which case your options are VB and C# as far as I know.  Just wanted to make sure you had all ducks in a row.  You're totally right though sounds like it really is server side vbscript.  Bizarre to me, I met one guy on here that was using javascript on the server side, is it just cause it's simpler that y'all do it?

sorry for the confusion.
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