base class?

im a total newbie
whats a base class?
is it just the default?
and do you have a base class ie mybase
and then another class with the same name?
what is the point of them?
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paulwhelanAuthor Commented:
also is this something to do with a constructor?
A base class is another class you wish to inherit from while a child or sub class is the class inheriting. An example of inheritance is:

Vehicle (the base class)
|- Car
|  |- Sedan
|  |- Wagon
|- Truck
|- Bicycle

Examples: a car is a vehcile, a sedan is a car and is also a vehicle, a truck is a vehicle but is not a car, and a bicycle is a vehicle but not a sedan.

Having classes like this allows you to have properties for all vehicles, for example: owner, exterier colour. And all cars can have properties like number of cylinders while bicycles do have cylinders.

A constructor is basically a method that is called when you create an object. For example I was to create a new Sedan, i would use the code like this:
Sedan myCar = new Sedan("ABC123", Color.Red)

The 2 parameters in brackets are passed to the constructor which could look something like this:

class Sedan : Car
    public Sedan(string regoNumber, Color outsideColor)
        // so something with the rego and color

You might want to ready some more about the 3 major principles of Object Oriented Programming which are: Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation. These will help you to understand what this stuff is for. Also read about what a class is because some people explain how to work out your classes for your application very well with simple steps to follow; I remember seeing one somewhere that also guided you to work out what methods and properties you will need.

Hope that helps, Jono

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