Other computers on the network cannot access Server 2003 which is set up as a file server.

I am having trouble accessing the shares on a Windows Server 2003 system after I made it a domain controller and immediately removed its domain controller role (This was a mistake; it is currently set for a file server only).  I have checked that the computers are all on the same network, there is no firewall and i tried adding the computer user to the server.  The other computers can see the server when I search for it specifically, but I cannot open it or map any of the shares. I was able to see the server before and view the shares after providing a username and password, but only before I made it a domain controller and removed it. Help me please!

Thank You in advance,
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Change the name of the WORKGROUP on all of your computer to something similar (by default, it is called workgroup).  This setting should be similar on all machines....

Also check to make sure that all computers are on the same segment.

And create a user account on the server that you want to use to connect to this server from remote machines (sounds like you alread did this).
losdougieAuthor Commented:
All of the computers are on the same workgroup, and I did add the user account already.  What do you mean "on the same segment?"
I had te same problem as you did after demoting a server.  After all the frustration the simplest thing I can pass on to you is to pull the server out of the domain, then re-add it back to the domain so it gets refreshed in active directory....otherwise it will be a long process to get it back in order....
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If you type in the run line:



\\<IPaddress of server>

does the server show up and list the shares?

Have you rebooted the server since then?  (sounds silly but hey)

Also, can you create a new test share and access it?

and to clarify for all of us:

Is this environment a workgroup, or are you on a domain and just accidentally promoted a domain member to a DC?
losdougieAuthor Commented:
This seems like a good suggestion, but how can I remove it and put it back? Do I need to change the name of the server?
losdougieAuthor Commented:
There is another domain controller on the network, but the system that I am trying to connect to the server with is not logged into the domain (just the same workgroup).  I accidentally promoted it to a DC.  \\<servername> does not work, It gives me a permission error.
Do remove the server from the domain go to control panel, system, computer name tab, change button, move into work group, ok and restart, then go back and move into domain.

This will reassociate the server back into AD correctly and fix the security issues.  You will probably have to reset security on the file shares after you are done.  Then you should have no problems =)

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losdougieAuthor Commented:
Thank you Mazaraat. And thanks also to TheCleaner for your help.
Welcome...happy to help.
Glad to be of service, have a good weekend.
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Windows Server 2003

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