Automatic output from the desktop application to the web site calendar

I kind a know what I am after here, so please help me.
We got an event planning app. It would be really nice if there is an option to take the existing data and post that to the web based calendar and populate days of the month with title of the happening.

What are my options here?
Application is getting data from MS SQL 2000 database running on the remote server machine
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Hi howei,

We certainly need a lot more information to understand your scenario and be able to help you out.

Is your application developed internally?  I mean can you add code to it or tweak it if necessary?  The database, is it hosted on your server or you do not have access to it?

As for the web based calendar, is it your own code as well?  What about its database?  Can we directly connect to the database?  If the answer is yes to all of the questions, then we can simply create a button your app to "publish" the data to your web app, and that button when executed it would insert the same records you collected from the app's database into your web's database.  We will need the structure of both databases to be able to help with that.

howeiAuthor Commented:
Hi jmelika,

Application is not developed internally and chance of tweaking it directly is slim.

But the database is hosted on our server and someone who knows how to do it could pull the data out of it and place it on the web.

As far as web calendar, we don’t have that jet. I was thinking of some free ones or low cost ones that exist out there that could be used for this project.
So on our side you deal with MS SQL 2000 database.

Please note that out of lots of information about an event in the database, only the title of it associated with proper date and tame would need to be exported to the web.


It is certainly doable.  The information will vary based on the source database structure, destination database structure, and method of synching.

What I mean by that is as follows:
- Source database: is actually the database your app reads.  The information you're pulling out has to be put in some sort of an "insert" and/or "update" statements to match the structure of your destination database.

- Destination database: is your web calendar's database.  Depending on how it's designed and where the information it displays is usually stored, you'd insert/update from the SQL statements previously mentioned.

- Method of synching: do you want users to sync manually, automatically sync on a regular basis, sync everything, sync some information, etc.

It's certainly doable.  I've actually done something very similar myself in the past for a clock in/out machine that I synched up with our payroll and vacation calendar.

Good luck!

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howeiAuthor Commented:
What this might cost to be done?
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