Cause of poor Google rank?

I have a site which is growing in popularity, however it is not even in the top 500 search results on Google for the keyword "organic beef".  It is fairly highly ranked for some other keywords like "organic chicken".  I need to know the cause of this poor ranking for organic beef and where to start interms of improving our ranking.  The site is  We are in the process of adding more text to some of the pages including anchor text.


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Ashish ThakkarWebsite Designer & SEO ConsultantCommented:
Hi Bill hows it going,

The answer to your question is simple.

It is not showing because It is not optimized for the word 'organic beef'.

-Try to put that keyword in your title and meta tags.
-Also put it in h1, strong tag in your document.
-Use the keyword in alt tags - currently you are not utilizing this.

"We are in the process of adding more text to some of the pages including anchor text"
When you add the text optimize it for the keyword you wish to see in the search results. Use the keyword for anchor text too.

Along with ASHISH I would look at the following, how many, relavent and quality, other sites are linking to yours.

in Google you have 54 pages linked to you
in MSN you have 336 pages linked to you
in Yahoo you have 884 pages linked to you

try too look at guideline in google for optimisation, google may have a low result because they filter out irrelevant sources for backlinks

whereas yahoo will display all pages with a link back to you

I would like to look at this problem from a different angle, is organic beef the right keyword to use ? Have you tested some adwords or Overture ads to determine your conversion ratio's on this keyword ? Targeting the right keywords should always be the first thing to determine.

If you really believe that organic beef is one of the words you want to target change your title from:

Blackwing Quality Meats : Ostrich, Bison, Organic Chicken
Quality Organic Meats : Ostrich, Bison, Chicken and beef from Blackwing

Your brand name isn't as important as the keywords you want to target i would assume so it would be best to focus on those words

Other on page changes i would recommend would be:

<span style="float:right">&copy; Copyright 2002-2006, Blackwing, Inc.</span>

<span style="float:right">&copy; Copyright 2002-2006, Blackwing, Inc. <a href=>Quality Organic Meats</a> : <a href=">Ostrich</a>, <a href=>Bison</a>, <a href=>Chicken</a> and <a href=>beef</a> </span>

Make sure you change the css on your copyright section so these links don't appear clickable. using the text-decoration:none should be the least.

I think your website is really nice and your use of css is good. By increasing your link popularity you will have no problem getting good rankings.

Hope this helps

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Hi billrush2,

I'm a little unclear as to which page you want to optimize for organic beef. I assume it is this one:

It has about 160 inbound links. However, I'm wondering how many of those links have organic beef in the anchor text. If that's actually the page that you want to optimize for "organic beef", then you might shrink your title to only include your keywords. If your only keyword on that page is organic beef, then you might consider the simple title "Organic Beef". If there are more keywords, best results would come from combining your keywords in your title. It is less likely that this less fancy title will alienate users but it very likely that you will rank higher with a simpler title with your keywords. Title is very important to Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Also, you do have the word "Organic Beef" in the top left of that page. Consider placing it in an <h1> tag and using CSS styles to shrink it to it's present size again. That will help.

One more thing: Your menu is huge in the code. If you had your <h1> tag and other text above your menu code it would be better. Since you have a fixed width, centered layout one thing you could do is use absolute positioning to place the menu code at the bottom of your code. This will improve results but less so than adding good title, <h1> and appropriate anchor text.

Oh, and your URL needs to be rewritten without a "?". See

To see how many inbound links you have to one of your pages, you can type in

link: -site:

into Yahoo. Google only shows a sample, but they use all of the links that Yahoo shows.

Let me know if I'm looking at the wrong page.

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