Getting OWA to work around blocked Port 80

I am trying to learn Exchange 2003 by setting up my own server at home.  I currently have Verizon DSL and I use for a dynamic DNS host.  Port 25 has not been a problem and I have been able to send and receive mail.  I haven't been able to get OWA to work from an external network so I have been trying to find the best solution to changing Port 80.  Since this is for home/education use, I will not be able to obtain a Static IP address so that is out of the question.  

Does anyone have any siggestions?

Thank you!!!
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To change the port which OWA uses is easy.

Open up Internet Information Services Manages (IIS), expand web sites, go to the properties of the default web site.

In TCP port, just change this to whatever port you need to use instead.

Another thing that you could do if you wanted to keep it on port 80 for in the house, click on the advanced button and add in the other port.

That way you will have it running on port 80 and the extra port that you want to use.

In my experience OWA reacts badly to having its port number changed, and I don't recommend that it is changed.
If you need to use an alternative port, then why not go SSL? Put a home grown certificate on the web site and open port 443. If you are using a home grown certificate then you will get warnings when you access it from any other machine, but as long as you are sure what you are connecting to then you will be fine.
I would not recommend a home grown certificate for production use, but for playing at home it will be fine.


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Does Verizon have a specific objection to opening port 80 for you?  Is that why you want to try a different port?
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