Determining sorted order, in DataGridView cell Paint method.

I have a DataGridView which displays a object I've derived from DataSet.  In my object, I have an ArrayList if items, I've used to create DataRows in a DataTable, which is then displayed by the DataGridView.  I have also derived a class from DataGridViewTextBoxCell, to handle drawing my cells.  

Here's the problem.  The background color of a row, depends on a property of the an item in my original ArrayList of items.  Before sorting the rowIndex I get in the DataGridViewTextBoxCell Paint corresponds to the index into my ArrayList of items.  After the user sorts the table, it does not.  How do I map between these?   What is the easiest way?

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Bob LearnedCommented:
What is the condition to change the background color?

gerry99Author Commented:
I've created my own workaround.  What I do is read the string contents of a cell that I can use as a key, and access my orignal row items with that key.  I could not find any way to do this with DataGridView or DataGrid for that matter.

I don't need an answer anymore.
Bob LearnedCommented:
That's too bad, because I had a different direction that you might take that doesn't depend on the paint event.


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gerry99Author Commented:
If you've got a solution you can have the points, I'd still be interested to know what it is.
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