Using Ipod photo for portable photo backup

Hey all, My sister owns a wedding studio and is looking for a way to backup images while on-site.  They use Kodak camera's which use a DCR file format.  they are large raw files.  When their CF cards are full they take them out and back them up onto a portable hard disk.  Currently they are using the Flashtrax XT to do this.

This works ok, but they tend to be a bit flakey and have run into issues in the past.  They are looking to replace this with something else.  It is just for backing up, when they bring back the photos to the studio for editing they pull them off the CF cards.  But just incase they have this backup option.  I have looked around and havn't really found anything suitable.  I was thinking maybe an Ipod Photo 60GB version, and then get the Belkin memory card reader adapter.  I just wanted to know if this would be a good idea.  I know the ipod tend to be durable and reliable.  So basically, will an Ipod Photo be able to store the DCR files or will it give me some imcompatible file error message.  And if it does support them can she also preview them on the screen?  This isn't as important but a nice feature.  

Thanks in advanced

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Storing images on the iPod is a great idea in theory, the problem is that transfering images tend to be slow, especially if you have RAW images to transfer. You cannot view RAW images on the iPod either.

Please see the following customer reviews. Many complain about battery life and slowness. There are many that have the same claims and I tend to believe them.

There are other cheaper alternatives, like the Apple Camera connector, but I've read that slowness is a factor also, and tend to be flakey as well.

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swinger22Author Commented:
Thanks Busta, i did some more reading after and i found someone doing exactly what i intended to do.  They said it could take upwards of 45 mins to transfer a gig.  Does anyone know or have used the Seagate CF hard disks.  They are little 3600 RPM drives that come in 4 GB and 8 GB flavours.  Just wanted to know if they were realiable?

I would probably recommend IBM/Hitachi they are the inventors of the Microdrive. But, be careful with them as they are actually mini hard drives and are as sensitive to shock as any other hard drive.
swinger22Author Commented:
Well i work in a small computer store, and will never recommend and IBM drive, since Hitachi took over they are better but, does anyone remember the Deskstar!!! i mean deathstar.  But epson and nikon both have some interesting products.  I am also wondering if the FLASHTRAX hard disk might be causing some of the issues.  I know it just takes a 2.5" laptop drive.  So i am going to drop a spare one of those into the unit and see if it makes any difference.  Thanks again for the help
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